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The "Cleaning Process"

(This is a fantasy of mine, I don't know if I'd actually do it, but it looks fun when I picture it, so here it is!!)


Cassandra stood naked in the mirror for several minutes, running her hands over her body, seeing if she was suitable. She's not worried, in fact she's quite confident. At 20 years old, no wrinkles to be found. Standing at 5'7" and weighing 120 lbs. She has a toned stomach, tanned skin, large brown eyes and hair the color of espresso. Large tits, what was a C in middle school has now evolved into a double D. She shaves her legs, underarms, and pussy daily.

Once Cassandra finally decides she's ready to get dressed, she slip on black lace panties and a matching strapless bra, then she proceeds to pull her costume up over her body. A strapless blue dress that starts a few inches before her nipples and goes down to just barely cover her bum. With peacock feathers adorning the breasts, and a fan of the beautiful feathers pinned to the top of the skirt, so they flowed down into an elegant tail, with a purple bow at the top. She applied a beautiful blue eyeshadow and some coral colored lipstick, put in some feather earrings, placed a gold tiara with rhinestones on her head, and left for the party.

Cassandra has no idea who she's trying to impress, she just loves dressing up.

Once at the party, she sees a group of her friends and walks over to socialize, they all immediately compliment her on her outfit, and she thanks them and tells them the same. Theo had a special gleam in his eyes when he checked Cassandra out, she noticed, but brushed it off. A few hours into the party, Cassandra decides to call it a night and head home. She says goodbye to her friends and heads to her car when she's yanked into the bushes and chloroformed.

When she came to, she was in a basement, no dungeon, with torture devices all over. Theo steps out of nowhere and Cassandra smiles, thinking she's safe, but when she tries to move she finds her hands strapped above her head. She starts to scream, but Theo shushes her.

"Now now, don't waste your breath darling, these walls are soundproof. If you defy me, you'll only make your time here worse. Okay?" Cassandra nods her head rapidly. "Good." Theo removes his hand from the girls mouth. "Now, you know how you dress, or should I say, lack of dressing. And that brings me to believe you're a slut. Are you a slut, Cassandra?"

"No!" She protests. A harsh smack lands on her ass, causing her to yelp.

"I didn't tell you to speak! Tonight, you will call me Master, and I will call you whatever I wish. Understood?" Cassandra nods. "And you're going to be a good little slut and do whatever I tell you, right?"

She nods again.

"Answer me correctly."

"Yes Master."

"Good. Shall we begin your training?" Theo asks the question rhetorically and gets to work. "Get up." He orders, unhooking her from her restraints. "Put these on." He hands her a leather bra and panties. The bra has small holes cut in it so only her nipples can be squeezed through, and the leather panties have a hole where her clit can be sucked through, and a hole where her vagina is and a fully exposed ass. She quickly undresses and follows orders.

He then straps her to a table so her knees are bent up to her tits, and then pushed down to the table so her privates were fully accessible. Her arms are also restrained.

"Now," He starts. "This is what I like to call, the Cleaning Process, it's to make sure your privates a clean before I use them. We'll do this before and after our session." He has an evil grin on his face, so she knows it can't be good. "We'll start by warming you up." He pulls a whip-like thing off the wall. It's leather and has many thick straps hanging off the handle. "Count." He starts smacking her ass and she counts out loud the number of times it hits her flesh. When they get to 50, he tells her that her ass is a beautiful shade of red.

"Thank you Master." She replies. He does the same thing to her clit, smacking it fifty hard times with the whip-like thing. Then he puts clothespins on her nipples and walks out.

When Theo comes back 5 minutes later, he's got a bucket of stuff. He walks over to Cassandra, yanks the clothespins off and puts them back on rotated 90 degrees, she cries out in pain.

"Keep quiet slut!" Theo barks, and Cassandra shuts up.

Theo puts on a pair of plastic gloves, explaining that he wouldn't want her slut juices on him. He then puts an unnecessary amount of toothpaste on a toothbrush and sets it aside, putting more on two bottle brushes, until he used two tubes of the stuff. He shoved the bottle brushes into her openings and left them there. Then he picked up the toothbrush and rubbed some toothpaste into her clit, at first it felt fine, then it got really cold, and then it started to burn. But she knew better than to move around or make a noise. He worked hard at her clit with the toothbrush and paste, scrubbing and scrubbing, until she was ready to cum. "Ask me to cum." Theo said clearly.

"Master may I please cum?"

"No." He replied, immediately stopping what he was doing. He ripped to scrub brushes out of her holes and left again. Her clit and her insides were burning and she started writhing around. So much that she didn't notice Theo walk back in. He ripped off the clothespins and rotated them again, causing her to gasp at the sudden pain.

"Now for part two of the Cleaning Process." Theo grins.

"Master, how many parts are there to this process?" Cassandra asks timidly.

"At least 4, sometimes more, depending on how I feel." Cassandra just nods awkwardly.

Theo take out a bar of soap covered in wool, not the soft kind, the harsh, scrubby kind, and sets to work on her clit. Again, going until she's about to cum, and when she asks, he denies and leaves.

During this process, Theo had scrubbed off most of the toothpaste, but what was left was now seeping into her raw clit, making the burning sensation worse.

When he came back, he rotated to clamps again. Then he took a removable shower-head out from under the table (hooked up to a water source obviously) and put it directly on her clit, with the setting set to jet stream. He turns on the water at a neutral heat setting and sits back, occasionally turning up the heat.

"M-Muh-Mas-ter ma-ay I please-se c-cum?" Cassandra stutters.

"No." Theo responds again, shutting off the water and leaving her humping at the air, trying to get some kind of rubbing on her poor clit, anything to make her cum.

He comes back again, rotates the clips and pulls out a strip of rough carpet. And, of course, he goes straight to her clit, scratching it more than it already is. Again she asks, again he denies.

"Today's cleaning process is over darling." Theo unhooks her, but she doesn't have the energy to move. He picks her up and pulls her to the center of the room where he replaces the clothespins with sturdy clamps. He ties a rope around them and throws it over an open beam, then he pulls the rope under her body and back over the open beam, so she now is suspended from the ceiling, swinging by a crotch rope and nipple clamps. Theo treated it as a swing, pushing her back a forth. Whatever movement was made, pulled at her sore nipples and rubbed at her raw clit.

When Theo grew tired of this, he took her down and made her lay back. He strapped her legs open and strapped a vibrator onto her clit, then he turned it on the highest setting and left.

The sudden surge of vibrations felt so good it hurt, she tried her best to not orgasm, because she hadn't asked, but she couldn't hold it for very long, as she was dying to cum.

Theo didn't come back for one and a half hours, during which, Cassandra sweated out so many orgasms that she lost count. He shut off the vibrator and let her rest for a minute, before repeating the Cleaning Process, but at the end when he used the strip of carpet, he let her cum.

"Thank you Master." Cassandra breathed. And maybe, she thought, just maybe, being Theo's slave wasn't that bad at all.

Should I continue? Make it a series or something? Let me know! Thanks for reading!




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