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What He Needed

"So you want to see me naked," remarked the statuesque, thirtyish beauty. Seating herself and crossing her legs, she pondered aloud, "I wonder if you're ready to pay the price." Her voice was stern and her words held a note of challenge, as if to suggest that I might not be up to what lay ahead.

Kneeling naked before her--blindfolded, collared, cuffed and gagged--I was unable to answer on my own. If I'd been permitted to speak, I'd have rushed to say that I was more than ready. In fact, I was hot for it. I was hot to see this woman's body and yes, to pay well for the privilege--with my pain. I'd asked to suffer by the cock and balls; now it was about to happen.

I didn't have to wait long. I soon felt hands on my genitals, stroking, twisting, squeezing. My cock began to respond, but before it became fully erect, I felt the bite of Velcro-lined clothespins being applied, one after the other, to my hardening meat. They hurt, each one like a small, red-hot pincer gripping my most tender flesh. I squirmed and moaned, trying to relax and get into it, fighting the urge to cry out. I felt this was a test, a measure of my commitment, and I was determined to pass.

Very gradually the sensation changed from pain to pleasure. By the time I'd taken maybe thirty of the clamps, I'd settled down. I began to welcome each new clothespin as it was attached to my dick and my moans now had an entirely different tone. I spread my legs wider and thrust my hips forward, inviting more.

"God, you're such a slut!" the woman exclaimed, quickly rewarding my enthusiasm with additional clothespins, this time on my balls.

When she'd finished, fifty of the wicked little devices clung to my genitals. As a crowning touch, she attached five-ounce weights to ten of them and had me rise up on my knees so they could hang freely. A louder, more plaintive moan escaped my gagged mouth, eliciting quiet laughter from her as she got up and walked behind me into an adjacent room.

I knelt there in silence, the pain in my sex gradually lessening to a dull ache. I told myself that it was right and proper for me to be where I was and as I awaited her return, I began to replay in my mind how it all began.

I recalled lying in bed one morning with a raging hard-on, masturbating. I'd been enjoying my favorite fantasy--that of having my genitals tortured while an attractive woman stripped and displayed her body for me. As always, the woman was incredibly sensual, taking obvious pleasure in turning me on. She was also heartless--and cruel. She truly enjoyed seeing a man endure real agony for the pleasure of watching her. Playing out the scene in my mind, I'd brought myself to an incredible, shuddering climax. When I'd come down to earth, physically satiated but still very aroused, I'd resolved to fulfill my fantasy.

I'd then tried the standard approaches--placing ads online and responding to ones from women seeking to model for a fee. I'd even called an agency offering escorts and strippers for private parties. None of these efforts had proved fruitful. Just when I'd about given up on the whole idea, I'd received a call from a woman I'd met at a local club and whom I'd told of my fantasy. Not only did she understand what I was looking for, but she'd been thinking about it since we'd met and was genuinely eager for the encounter. I'd been in heaven!

Now I was in her private play space and my fantasy was about to become reality. I wondered how she was attired. I'd asked that she wear a tight, revealing dress, bra, thong-style panties, and thigh-high stockings. I hoped she had honored my request. I also hoped she would delight in teasing me, stripping slowly so my eyes could linger on her beauty as I prepared myself to suffer. In my mind I saw her dancing totally nude, slowly and suggestively allowing me long looks at the soft, round, feminine parts of her body. I imagined her bending at the waist and spreading her bottom cheeks, revealing to me her most intimate charms and urging me to lust for her. I expected to see some wonderful sights.

I also knew what a sight I must be, with my wrists locked behind my back and my cock and balls covered with weighted clamps! I began to relish my feelings of humiliation and vulnerability and I longed for what was to come. Almost unconsciously I started to move my hips back and forth, causing the weights to swing and pull harder on my meat.

"You like that, do you, Boy?" I heard her ask.

Startled, I froze-and then nodded my head. I realized I'd been caught in the act of sluttishly tormenting myself and I was embarrassed. There was no telling how long she'd been standing there watching me!

"You know that's just the appetizer, Darling," she said. "Soon you'll get the main course."

Abruptly she removed the weights and clothespins and roughly massaged my genitals. The sensation was intense, causing me to buckle in pain. However, I forced myself to straighten up and give myself to it, hoping to show my willingness to please her.

"Good boy," said the woman. "Stay with it. There's more."

She then freed my hands and took off my blindfold. I was enthralled by what I saw. Standing over me was my new Mistress, a gorgeous creature in a black spandex dress that clung to her body like a second skin. It stopped maybe seven inches above her knees and clearly outlined her stocking tops. Damn, she was beautiful! I could hardly wait to see her naked.

"Nice, huh?" she queried, slowly turning so I could see her from all sides.

I nodded again, my eyes beginning to glaze in anticipation.

"Well then, let's find out how much you appreciate what you see. Harden your cock for me," she ordered.

Obediently I reached for my meat and started playing with it, concentrating on the woman's spandex-covered thighs. It was humbling though wonderfully hot for me to be there, nude, manipulating myself to erection while she looked on. I felt submissive, powerless and very excited.

I looked expectantly at the woman. Slow, sensual music played in the background as she strolled to the center of the room and began to dance. Her movements were fluid, deliberate, obviously designed to excite. I watched, truly becoming a slut in heat as her lush body strained against the fabric of her dress. I hungered to see more of her.

I stared intently as she came forward, stopped maybe three feet in front of me and began slowly raising the hem of her dress. The dress rose past the tops of her sheer black stockings and before long it was around her waist, giving me a perfect view of her upper thighs and the curves beneath her black thong panties. I was entranced. I riveted my eyes on her warm, smooth, naked flesh and lightly stroked my dick, feeling it swell. As I continued to look, she removed her dress entirely, sank to her hands and knees and raised her luscious ass toward me. Lusting for her, I brought myself to full erection.

"That's right, slut, enjoy the view," the woman said. "I want you hot for me when you f-r-y."

With that she got to her feet and backed away, letting what she'd said sink in. Yes, in a few short minutes I would "fry". My knees would be parted and cuffed to a spreader bar and my cock and balls would be wired to an electrical shocking device. With my wrist cuffs once more locked behind me, I'd be totally at the mercy of my lovely captor. For more than ten minutes she'd dance for me, stopping every few seconds to pose and to watch the shocker take its four-second toll on my sex. Though that was what I'd wanted, what I'd asked for, I suddenly found myself terribly afraid. I wanted out.

Just as I was about to stand up, remove my gag and disgrace myself by ending the session, a female voice broke into my thoughts.

"Prepare yourself," she said, her voice firm and full of meaning.

I watched her walk toward me--until her pantied crotch was but an inch from my face. I could smell the delicate perfume of her sex and could see the damp indentation in her panties below her pubic mound. My hormones took over and my resolve to escape evaporated. I gave my cock a few more strokes, wantonly hardening it, making it ready for torture. When it was thoroughly rigid, I tied it off--it and my cum-filled balls--with a leather cord. I then attached the electrodes, secured my knees to the spreader bar and placed my hands behind my back.

My Mistress quickly locked my cuffs together, placed the shocker switch within reach of my fingers, and then resumed her position in front of me. This time, however, she pulled my face to her, burying my nose between her legs. Even before she spoke, I understood what I was to do. I was again frightened.

"I want you to push the button, slut," she said, her voice soft but compelling. "I want you to fry your cock and balls for me."

I sat motionless, putting off the inevitable, inhaling deeply of her aroma.

"C'mon, Boy," I heard her say, her voice now more insistent. "Do it!"

Still I waited, mustering the courage to obey. The woman pulled the front of her panties inward and up, exposing her downy labia and the patch of dark brown hair above them.

"Slut, if you don't push the button, I'm going to push it," she continued. "First, though, I'll increase the voltage, making it hurt that much more. It's your choice."

There wasn't really much of a choice. I knew how painful the shocks would be, even at minimal voltage, and I didn't wish to start out in any more agony than was necessary. I pressed my face between the woman's inner thighs, felt her pubic hair on my forehead and quickly tripped the switch.

Four seconds later the first hot jolt of current passed through my sex. I screamed into the gag buckled tightly into my mouth and my whole body stiffened. My cock jerked involuntarily and my stomach tightened. I suffered, knowing full well that this was only the beginning and that there would be no "out". This woman would give me pleasure, but I'd be forced to pay--and pay dearly-for it.

She backed up a foot or so, ran her fingers over her labia and watched me fry again, then turned and bent over. Slipping her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, she eased them down over her firm, rounded ass. I immersed my mind in the dark, musky cleft between her cheeks and took another shock. In four seconds I took another...then another.

I watched closely, seeing her drop her panties and spread her legs just as another shock hit my dick. It hurt--and I winced--but the pain of it was less than before. I was getting used to it.

When the woman turned and looked me in the eye, I knew she'd noticed. Without breaking eye contact, she reached over and turned up the voltage on the shocker. Leaning in my direction, she unhooked her bra and allowed her perfect breasts to dangle before me. I shifted my gaze to her hard, pink nipples--and steeled myself for the pain.

Minutes later it was over. My Mistress turned off the shocker, then came over and leaned down to stroke my forehead and gently squeeze my tortured balls. I looked up at her, feeling shaken, but relieved. I'd taken 80 shocks, each set of ten having been delivered at a higher voltage. I'd put on quite a show, screaming piteously into the gag as my helpless meat was repeatedly and painfully fried. I felt I had suffered well.

Instead of releasing me, though, the woman announced that while I'd been a good little slut thus far, I hadn't fully discharged my debt. She said the joy of watching such a remarkably attractive woman exhibit herself was worth much more and that I'd have to do better. Looking at her, now clothed in only heels and hose, I had to agree. She was truly beautiful and had willingly shown me her body. Despite what I'd just been through, I knew I deserved to pay a higher price for my pleasure. I looked down at by bound and wired sex and easily surmised my fate. My suspicion was confirmed when she spoke once more.

"I'm going to fry your cock again, slut. You're going to take twenty more shocks for me."

As I listened, reality set in. I began to panic, shaking my head from side to side, screaming "No-o-o-o-o!" through my gag.

"Don't give me 'no', slut!" she snapped. "You're here to suffer, and suffer you will!"

The woman reached for the intensity control and rotated it clockwise. "If I were you," she advised, "I'd be concentrating on your Mistress' body."

I knew she was right. Ogling her would be the only way I'd be able to endure more shocks. Still fearful, I returned my attention to the object of my desire, watching as she once again bent over with her delicious bottom facing me. This time, however, she spread both her legs and her buttocks. Then, backing up, she ground her succulent pussy against my gag.

"Go ahead," the woman breathed. "Nuzzle me. Feel how wet I am. Think what it'd be like to eat me."

Immediately I complied, rubbing my face along the entire length of her crotch and savoring the feel of her nether hair against my cheeks. I probed her tightest opening with the tip of my nose and longed to taste her there. Intoxicated by woman scent, I then slid the bridge of my nose between the soft, moist folds of her sex--and waited for the distinctive "click" of the shocker switch. I was about to pay up.

The End





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