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What Is a Master Ch. 02

Several weeks after I had met Ursula, with the help of Cynthia, my old friend, I received an invitation from Ursula to a party at her home in the suburbs of our east coast city. I readily accepted. I had grown to adore Ursula. I was so lucky that she was not married yet.

That definitely gave me an opening. I knew the lifestyle she practiced and I was not horrified. I was fascinated. We had met a few times in the interim, and each time we had been conventional lovers. I had fucked her, sucked her and she had blown me. She loved all of this. But, I knew that she needed more.

I had decided to give what I could.

As you know from the last part of the story, I could not be a real Master. But I hated and dreaded the loss of Ursula if she decided that I was lacking for her needs. So I would play the game. I would make the effort. I would make her believe that I could be a Master and she would be my sub. Maybe my heart would not be in it, but my "heart" would be. I simply wanted and needed this little raven haired pixie.

This was my first real chance to prove my adoration. I would not let it pass me by.

I dressed in leather pants that I had found in a local "taboo" shop. Along with my sleeveless black t-shirt, my leather vest, and my black combat boots, from my service in the Army, I felt I looked the part, or maybe I looked ridiculous. I would soon find out. I might be laughed out of the party. Shit, I would take the chance for Ursula.

The weather was gloomy and rainy as usual. That was not one of the main reasons we lived there.

I took the time to stop and smell the lilacs as I walked from my Mercedes to Ursula's apartment building. It always brought so many good memories. As I took the stairs to her apartment on the 5th floor (I needed the exercise) I was joined by another fellow dressed in a suit. What the hell? Were we going to the same party? What an idiot I now felt.

We both arrived at Ursula's door. We then greeted each other, made intros, and rang her doorbell. She came to the door and (I was glad to the core) gave me a hug first, and then John. "Roger, this is John, John, Roger." We both laughed and then grinned at her blush. What a little girl. She just laughed and I quickly gave her a peck on the cheek.

We all entered and there were already two other women and another man taking part in the buffet she had set out for her guests. I was so damned happy to see at least one other man dressed similarly to me. I now realized that dress didn't matter. The enjoyment of the guests did.

At this point one should, perhaps, describe the people that were present. I was led to believe this was the complete list of the party. Three women and three men. Interesting. It would get much more interesting as the evening progressed.

You know that Ursula has black shiny hair. Short and so damned sweet looking. She often passed for under 21. Her breasts were perky and I could see she was wearing no bra tonight. That always meant no panties, either. Her fellow fems were, firstly; Debbie, a tall brunette, with wavy, long hair, round, soft, large breasts and long, fuck-me legs, and, secondly; Grace, a tiny, curly haired blonde with very small, but proud, pointed breasts, slim body and muscular legs.

Maybe you don't know what I look like. I am five feet ten inches, one hundred and fifty pounds, and taut body. I am average, but I have served my country proudly and with distinction. I was never lacking in the can-do department. I have short, brown hair and I can give as well as I get. The other two gentlemen present were larger. Both weighed about one hundred and eighty pounds and were definitely not soft. John was a blonde, and Eric was brown-haired. Both wore their hair long, with pony-tails.

As you can see, a diverse group, but we seemed to mesh quickly and with no problems what so ever. At least, everyone was smiling, and there was definitely a party atmosphere in Ursula's artfully decorated apartment. Her apartment had only one bedroom, but the main room was huge, with several large chairs and two sofas. She loved to strew colorful, attractive pillows all over the room, on furniture and on the floor.

John and I joined the others at the buffet and some freely partook of the several wines available. Ursula knew I loved good beer, so she had provided several of my favorites, and I was glad to see others enjoyed the beer, too. It was clear that all of us were ready to enjoy the food and drink without a grand rush to sex and gratification. Obviously, we all had our priorities straight. Fill the belly, then fill the sexual needs. I laughed and got some odd glances, but Ursula understood immediately. We were always on the same wave-length.

It was catch as catch can for eating arrangements. Some sat at Ursula's dining table, others took seats in chairs or even on the floor pillows. Casual was the name of the game. And would continue to be so for the rest of the night. Nothing formal or up-tight in this gathering. I felt a lot more comfortable. Maybe I could pull this off.

It was becoming apparent which were couples here tonight. I was with Ursula, of course. If not, I would not have been here. John was with Debbie. I could tell from the dynamics that he was in charge. She glanced at him for approval before doing virtually everything, even choosing the salad dressing! It was quite enlightening.

But, perhaps the strangest pairing was Grace and Eric. It was so adorable. She was the Mistress! It was cute and a little intimidating, too, to see this little shorty giving curt orders to the large, buff sub!

Everyone seemed to have had their fill from the buffet and we were casually sitting around talking, chatting, conversing, and generally enjoying each other's company.

I don't think anyone had any ideas that this evening was not going to turn into a massively lustful and messy orgy of sex and sin. All we needed to get started was someone to begin the action. Fuck it! I would get the "ball rolling" so to speak. I moved over to Ursula, knelt between her legs and said, "Pull up your skirt, spread your legs, and take my pussy eating. But do not cum. If you cum I will stop and something bad will happen."

Grace laughed like a tiny stevedore, from her little gut and then she said to Eric, "Get your huge ass over here and do what Roger is getting ready to do. Start reaming my cunt with your hard tongue. And I will be cumming. All over your face, my little boy." And she laughed again.

John ordered his brunette sub, Debbie, with the long, beautiful legs and the large breasts, to strip. Then he went over to Ursula's cabinet of fun and got out some mink-lined hand cuffs and and a large, leather strap. He walked over to her and pulled her arms behind her back, placed the cuffs on her wrists, rolled her on her belly onto a large pillow and began spanking her with vigor and lots of intensity. She was moaning with pain and joy at the same time. It was odd. She was stark naked and John still wore his suit. But you could easily see a huge bulge pooching out his slacks.

Eric had stripped at Grace's command and had then stripped her. She did nothing to help. Then she laid herself back upon the sofa and began getting a great creamy ream job of her pussy. Eric was licking every piece of cunt he could get his tongue on. Grace's pussy was shaved clean for the party. I had noticed that Debbie was clean too.

Ursula had been busy doing as she was told. She pulled up her skirt and her freshly shaped pubic hairs were already getting soaked with juices. "Are you cumming, little slut?" I asked. She shook her head and blushed, then laughed. Damn. I was not that great at this Master stuff. I moved down and began nibbling her clit. I looked up and her eyes were rolling into her head. "No cumming, remember, no cumming." She kept moaning. I think she was cheating! I began licking her swollen cunt lips and got all the juice I wanted.

I looked over and Debbie's ass was bright red. John had finally begun taking off his suit and other clothes, while his sub started crying and begging for cock. He sat her on her knees on the pillow and then rammed his cock into her ready, open mouth. He grabbed her brown, wavy hair and started fucking her face. Her eyes gazed raptly up at his face. This was love!

All this while Eric had been eating out Grace as she directed each move he made, but he was definitely ordered not to touch his cock. That might be for Grace's use later. She rammed her cunt into his face and smeared it with lots of cum and pussy juices. He was in heaven, thanking his Mistress.

I whispered to Ursula, "My love, I want you to go get your Sybian and put it in the middle of the room. Then I want you naked and riding that thing while I watch. Got that, little slut?" She got it. She jumped with glee, threw off what little she was still wearing and trippingly went over to her cabinet of joy. She grabbed her Sybian, set it up in the middle of the room, and began riding it. It was making her cum almost immediately. I did not care. I adored her.

Then I said to Grace, "Do you want to rub your pussy in Ursula's face while she is cumming on her Sybian?" I did not have to speak twice. Grace pushed her sub, Eric away and went over to Ursula. I told Ursula to please Grace as much as she was pleasing herself. They were soon cumming happily together, as Grace caressed Ursula's raven hair, and Ursula licked and sucked Grace's pussy, all the while riding the Sybian.

I had by now doffed my clothes as everyone else had and I was sporting my usual six inches curved upward. He needed something to fuck, badly. I was totally surprised when Grace decided to give me a new experience. She was fucking Ursula's face, but she was still in charge of Eric. She motioned him over, whispered in his ear, and he nodded with submission, a very good sub, indeed.

Eric came over to me where I was jacking off watching my Ursula getting off with her Sybian and Grace's face. He knelt before me and, to my fucking surprise, he grabbed my cock and started licking all around it. Damn, this was new. But I was in for the long run with Ursula. I was not about to stop anything at this little party. Eric held my balls, turned his head to the side and licked them, then licked farther up and stuck his tongue into my ass as I spread my legs wide.

By now, John had shot cum into Debbie's mouth, she showed it wide so he could see, then she swallowed it all and begged for more. He decided what she needed now was a huge double dildo. He found what he wanted in the cabinet and crammed one dildo head into her cunt and the other into her ass. She screamed with pain, but moaned and begged for more. He began fucking her, thrusting the device up into her as she stood with her beautiful legs spread wide, dripping cum all over his toy and his hand. He didn't mind.

Eric was now busy sucking my cock with lots of gusto. Obviously Grace made him do this often. He had certainly learned to enjoy it, and I was loving it myself. This was the first time a guy had sucked me off. I considered that it might not be the last. I couldn't hold it any more and shot a huge wad into his mouth. Then I pulled out and shot on his face. That was fucking fun!

Even while eating pussy and cumming on her Sybian, Ursula had been watching me with adoration in her eyes. I was beginning to think I could make a go of this kind of lifestyle. I still wasn't really into it, but cumming was cumming, and sex was sex, and I was going to do all I could to keep Ursula.

It was now time for me to get what I loved the most. My Ursula's pussy. With my cock. That was one reason she adored me. I could cum more than once in an evening. She was not shallow by any means, but she did love a man who could cum often.

John was now on the floor, upon some large pillows, with his ass in the air, and Debbie was busy rimming him. He was almost drooling and she really was into her work. Licking and running her tongue into his ass. He kept pushing back into her face and she kept licking his ass, and rolling his balls in her mouth.

I had wiped my cock off on Eric's face and he had immediately went over to his Mistress, the little blonde short-stuff, Grace. Grace had cum enough in Ursula's mouth and wanted something else. She again whispered into Eric's ear and he went over to the cabinet, got a tiny strap on with a huge dildo attached, brought it back to his Mistress and knelt down and held it up to her, as if it were a gift. She took it, strapped it on and loudly said, "Turn the fuck around, get your ass in the air and get the ass-fucking you need, my little boy slut!"

As they began that ass-fucking I walked over, took Ursula's hand, and walked her over to a sofa. I took her in my arms, embraced her body to body, and we felt out hearts beating as I pressed my chest into her perky tits. Then I bent down and sucked her pink nipples. She began cumming right away, she was so sensual. Then I laid her down, put her legs up on my shoulders, and gently pushed my freshly hard cock into her juicy pussy.

Now I began doing what I really loved, fucking my dear heart. She loved sex, every kind of sex, but she loved my cock immensely. She had told me so and she would never lie to me. She was so totally honest that I never doubted anything she said. I began thrusting slowly at first, rubbing her G-spot with my curved dick, then more quickly, harder and harder and she humped against my prick with so much power that I could feel her cervix as I rammed her.

The windows were open, and I could smell the alley down below. It brought back memories of bumming around the country and sometimes sleeping in alleys. I had never imagined then what I would be doing tonight. Getting sucked off by a dude, mastering my new love, watching a couple of Masters, a Mistress, and their subs get it on.

I continued fucking my Ursula, Grace was fucking Eric's ass, and John was letting his sub rim him. I had joined a group and a lifestyle that was not "my cup of tea" but I was in it for my dear Ursula, and I would try the best I could to make a go of it.

Shooting my cum up Ursula's cunt, she came and came and oozed out around my cock. I looked over and Eric was jerking his cock and shooting while Grace fucked his ass. John had been doing the same as Debbie rimmed him. He came all over one of Ursula's beautiful pillows, but she could care less.

I felt the night breeze through the open window and looked forward to the next chapter.

Ursula was my new adoration and obsession. Would we grow together? Or was it just another experience along my twisting highway?





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