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We Go Deeper With the "Club" Ch. 03

In my last journal entry, I told of how my now-black-owned former girlfriend, Louise, her also black-owned roommate, Lynne, and our shared black dominator, Jerome, had made a big decision on my behalf: They had decided to kill my hope of ever having a so-called normal sex life in a committed relationship with a woman. They were going to proceed next towards this reality by seducing my high-school girlfriend, Emma, and converting her also to huge black cocks as well as take other steps yet to be made known to me. I was both excited and scared by the situation.

While Louise, Lynne and Jerome were primarily motivated by their own enjoyment, they were right. The idea did turn me on. I was excited about soon seeing Emma getting fucked by Jerome's huge dick and seeing her turned into a slut for him like the other two girls--or for any black cocks as Jerome might choose. She had never had sex with me, and the idea of seeing her give it up to this animalistic stranger was really hot.

Very sweetly, my three dominators, as I now thought of them, did have some hesitancy. So they arranged to send me to a sex therapist for evaluation. They wanted to be sure that I would find my new life as satisfying as they believed I would.

So a couple of days after being told my future, Louise gave me my appointment time and the name and address for Dr. K's office. I was really touched by their concern, and a bit relieved as well. It sounded like they had much more in store for me potentially even beyond Emma's conversion, and I was glad to know a professional was to be involved to help make sure this was the right move for me.

Dr. K was a nice looking thirty-something woman. Very business-like in manner, she was short, dark-haired, curvy--quite sexy, truthfully. She had me undress immediately after saying hello. I was wearing my more restrictive penis-cage. She was not surprised but quickly unlocked it. I guess she had a master key or something. She lazily examined my little penis with a few fingers as I stood before her, wearing a mildly repulsed look on her face. I got rock hard immediately.

"Tim, I see you react positively to feelings of humiliation. Interesting." She continued. "Let's get you settled in this chair. I don't really want to handle your tiny little dick much, so I will demonstrate on this plastic penis how I want you to attach these sensors. Then we're going to have you watch some videos as I record and monitor your reactions. OK?"

I nodded and complied, got the sensors attached to my still hard little dick and settled into an easy chair, covered in medical paper, to watch videos. Dr. K proceeded to show me an immensely wide variety of pornographic material: interracial, bi, homosexual, power games, urine, feces, maiming, dismemberment-- a truly huge variety of material. I must have been in that chair for two hours, for some of the material involved story lines to provide context. Dr. K studied her laptop the whole time. My little dick stayed hard at almost everything--other than normal sex between a loving couple, which I guess didn't really surprise me.

When finally the videos were done, Dr. K had me put my clothes back on and sat me down for some guidance. "Tim," she said, "I have some news for you. You need to take this as you will. There is nothing good or bad about it. It is just informational. Well, Louise told me about the lifestyle you have been living as the bottom submissive to Jerome, her and Lynne. My findings are that this has rewired you sexually to a very thorough extent from what would typically be considered within normal ranges. At this point, you are aroused by almost anything other than having a normal relationship with a woman. You need more stimulation than that to be satisfied, and you are also acclimated to being passive, to not having to exert any control or provide any leadership or to taking any leadership risks in sex. That's for starters..."

The doctor continued. "You are especially turned on by situations where you lose power or stature or are humiliated. For you, these are especially erotic. Now, you should also know that when measurements are as strong as yours, these qualities are not very easily changed. In other words, if you were try to have a 'normal' life again, you would probably find that very unfulfilling. However, if you were to permanently be in the role of a humiliated cuckold, like you are now, that could be very stable and fulfilling for you. In other words, you all have my blessing that whatever 'damage'--so to speak--is done, is done At this point, you may as well continue with their plan to debase you. You will feel some twinges of negative feelings, a blend of sadness, melancholy, insecurity and inferiority, but at the same time, you will probably be able to function and you will likely reach a level of profound sexual fulfillment in this manner. You and your so-called friends all have my professional blessing for continuing forward from where you are now. Good luck to you, Tim. I should say that there is some small risk that you will circle inward and downward, but more likely you will be fulfilled. Before you go, I do have something I need you for, however."

The doctor went on to explain that she had anticipated this outcome and in lieu of cash payment had arranged with my dominators--my "masters," really--that I would serve her as an exhibit in her women's group. Dr. K led me into the next room, where about a dozen nice-looking, professionally-dressed thirty-something women were milling about, drinking martinis and chatting with each other. She led me to the center of the room and got everyone's attention.

"Girls," she said, "This is Tim. He just came to me for professional evaluation and for payment agreed to join our party this evening. To start with, he needs to be humiliated for having a small penis. Who would like to expose his small penis for all of us?"

My dick, still cage-free, was hard instantly. A beautiful red-headed woman came by and remove my shoes pants and underwear. My dick stood proudly at its best skinny five-inches of hardness. At least it was rock hard.

The redhead played with it a little, looking not that all that interested. Dr. K chimed in: "Ladies, why don't you all come over one-at-a-time and flick Tim's tiny dick a little." And they did so. I turned bright red and the exciting humiliation made me leak a little pre-cum. One of the women noticed it and pointed it out to everyone. "Hey girls, he's starting to leak a little pre-cum! I wonder what we should do next?"

"Well ladies," Dr. K went on, "Tim is extremely into any kind of humiliation, but the thing I think we would all enjoy the most is to see him made to ejaculate without anyone touching his penis. Wouldn't that be hot? If we have my friend Frank come over with his ten-inch cock and ass-fuck Tim, the action on his prostate will probably make him shoot off... Tim, why don't you leave your dick out and serve drinks while we wait for Frank." To my embarrassment, my dick did twitch back and forth and leak a little bit more just from hearing the plan.

To make a long story short, Frank was a mean-looking incredibly hung black guy--easily the thick ten inches that were promised. He treated me like a thing, not once talking to me directly, only speaking with women as he made me swallow his cock and then ass-fucked me balls-deep. Indeed, I loved that I was just a sex object to him, and the aggression with which he took my ass. Before too long, his pressure inside me did trigger a massive orgasm. Dr. K made me lick my cum off the floor. Then she had me lick and even suck on Frank's ass while a few of the women fucked him. His ass was pretty revolting as he hadn't done any special cleaning beforehand, but the humiliation of it was a huge turn on. Dr. K took pictures that she said she was going to email to Jerome and Louise.

We still were not done. Next, a few of the girls decided they liked how good a job I did of rimming Frank's hairy black ass so they had me do the same for them. None of them had done any cleaning in advance, so it was universally disgusting, with little bits of toilet paper, hairs, and fecal matter present in nearly every case. But honestly I loved it anyway--and maybe more because it was so debasing--and it made me rock hard. They made me beg to be allowed to masterbate myself for relief before being put back in my penis cage. And they heckled me about my small inferior penis as I beat off.

To my astonishment, one somewhat plain woman did come forward and tongue my balls and ass while I was beating off. This was the first direct contact another human had had with my dick in months, besides painful flicks or briefly stuffing it in a cage, and it sent shockwaves through my system. It felt so incredible that it made me feel briefly angry at my situation, until the good sensations rapidly overwhelmed me and I shot my second load of the night all over my stomach. It was a thrilling evening and one I will never forget.

Dr. K handed me my wallet but then shoved me out the door of the apartment building with no bottom clothing. Just when I thought I was going to have to hail a taxi half naked, someone tossed me my underwear from the window at least, but they had smeared some diarrhea-like poop inside it. It was truly revolting, but I had no choice but to wear it home.

What a thrilling evening! The whole party had been so deeply satisfying sexually. And I was so happy and relieved to know that I was well-suited for the various torments that Jerome, Louise and Lynne--I might as well call them my masters--had in store for me. My heart was racing with excitement for the thrilling perverted life I had ahead for me! Despite having cum twice in two hours, the blood was coursing through my small member as it poked around the poop in my underpants.

I was also full of love that my masters had cared about me enough to have Dr. K make sure I was ready for things.

To be continued...





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