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What I've Always Wanted

As soon as Russ closed the hotel room door behind him, I sank to my knees and reached for his zipper. He smiled as I pulled his cock free and brought its thick length to my lips. He sighed as his head hit the back of my mouth and—after a short struggle to relax and position myself correctly—slid down into my throat. He wrapped both hands in my long, dark hair and pulled my face flush with his flat abdomen, forcing the last few inches as deep as they would go. I whimpered, gagging and struggling to breathe around his thick shaft.

"Through your nose, baby girl," he reminded me and I followed instructions, instantly relieved that I wasn't going to suffocate on his cock. He pistoned his slim hips against my face, pulling his cock out until I only had the beautiful mushroom head between my lips, then slamming the whole length down my throat again. He groaned deeply, enjoying the tight fit of my mouth around him as well as my fingers rhythmically squeezing his tight swollen balls. I wanted so badly for him to cum down my throat, but I knew he wouldn't allow it... yet.

Sooner than I wanted, he pulled his cock from my mouth and smiled down at me. "Did you bring everything I asked?" When I nodded, he said, "In your carry-on bag, right?" I nodded again, staring at the deep red head of his thick cock, almost overcome with the urge to lick it. He chuckled and said, "Did they search your bag?"

"Yes," I said softly, my cheeks flooding with red as I remembered the look on the face of the TSA agent who opened the bag, then—seeing the plethora of sex toys inside—quickly closed it again. My embarrassment was exactly what Russ wanted, the small humiliation of a total stranger's knowing that I was traveling to Baltimore in order to be sexually dominated.

"Good girl," he told me, stroking my cheek with a large hand. I sighed, loving the gentleness of the gesture. It would be one of the last gentle things Russ would do for hours. "The whole time I was in Afghanistan, I just wanted to abuse these," he said. He reached for my big tits, confined in a black lace push-up bra under my low-cut black blouse. His fingers closed over the globes and he squeezed. Hard. Until tears sprang to my eyes and wetness flooded my pussy. "You like that, don't you?" I didn't answer right away and he squeezed harder.

I gasped, "Yes, Daddy." I bit my lip to keep from begging for more.

He turned from me and reached for my carry-on bag. He opened it, pulling the 2-foot long riding bat from its depths. He grinned as he snapped the leather tag against his hand. It made a loud CRACK! And I jumped, knowing that I would soon feel it against the most tender parts of my anatomy. At his direction, I unbuttoned my blouse and eased it off my shoulders. The black lace emphasized my paleness, dramatically contrasting with Russ' desert-darkened skin. Before I was prepared, the bat snaked out and bit into my left breast, leaving a deep red rectangular mark on its surface. A second later, he gave my right breast the same treatment.

For a moment, he stood still, admiring his handiwork. He pulled both of my tits free of the bra's cups, leaving their heavy weight supported only by the underwire. "Those are going to bruise nicely," he murmured, bending to bite one nipple, then the other. Deep teeth marks appeared on each breast, centered over my silver dollar sized aureolae and my fat nipples stood erect. "I wish you'd told me you wanted this sooner."

"I was afraid," I whispered. I was also a little ashamed at how much I enjoyed the pain he was beginning to inflict.

He laughed and squeezed my ass through the flirty black skirt I wore for him. "Every time we've fucked, hasn't it been rough?"

"Yes," I whispered. "But rough is one thing. This is another entirely."

"Oh, it definitely is, baby girl," he whispered back, then kissed me passionately, "And I'm going to enjoy it thoroughly."

He left me panting, both tits aching from his attentions, and turned back to my bag. Rummaging through its contents, he found what he wanted and returned to me. "Hands above your head," he ordered. I complied immediately and he unhooked my bra, allowing my heavy tits to bounce free. With a smile, he began to wind the long leather straps around my breasts then my neck, criss-crossing the material half a dozen times so that it was positioned securely. My breathing became ragged when I realized how tightly he was binding me. It didn't take long for my tits to start swelling. They stood high and erect against my chest wall, held in place so that they wouldn't move. Looking down, they looked alien... and more beautiful than ever before.

I was still marveling at how the restricted blood flow made me feel, stretching my skin until it was taut, shiny, and reddened with the tips grossly distorted, when Russ pulled me face-down onto his lap, so that his hard cock thrust against my rounded belly and my big tits hung down. He pulled my skirt up and bared my ass to him. I knew he loved those big, round globes almost as much as he loved the ones he'd just bound. He slid his finger from my asshole all the way around to my clit, groaning at the wetness he found. "Christ! You really DO want this, don't you?"

My tits were throbbing, their color deepening, as gravity pulled against them. The more swollen they became, the wetter my pussy got. "Yes, Daddy," I cried out as his finger slid into me, first into my pussy, then into my asshole. Once again, I was so grateful for his big hands.

He worked that finger in and out, loosening my ass little by little. He added his middle finger when I started arching my ass up toward him, a sign that I was ready for more. "Does that ass need to be fucked?" he asked with an amused tone.

"Yes, please," I gasped as he added a third finger, working them in and out faster and harder.

"Yes, what, baby girl?" he asked as his free hand came down on my ass. "Tell me exactly what you want."

"Fuck my ass. Please, Daddy," I begged. I was on the verge of tears from the pain in my prettily bound tits and from the four fingers he was now pumping in and out of my asshole. That same pain had my clit throbbing harder than I'd ever felt.

He let me up, then positioned me so that I was in front of the dresser. He squeezed my tits, pleased at the pale handprints he left in my deep red flesh, swollen to grotesque sensitivity by the leather straps. "Look at yourself," he ordered, pulling my head up so that I had no choice but to look in the mirror. What I saw was shocking. Naked to the waist, tits bound, face flushed with desire. I almost didn't recognize myself. It was my darkest fantasy, brought to life. "Do you like what you see, baby girl?"

"Yes, Daddy," I moaned.

He left me again and this time, my tears rose from frustration. He returned with one of the new toys he had ordered me to buy, a large, vibrating dildo. It had straps that fastened around my thighs to hold it in place. "Bend over, baby girl, and put your hands on the dresser" he ordered. I didn't move quickly enough and it earned me a blood-red handprint on my left buttock.

Once I was in position, he thrust the dildo all the way into me in one smooth motion My knees buckled as it filled me, so thick that it was slightly painful. Russ adjusted the straps, tight enough around my plump thighs that I knew I would have marks there, too. "Don't cum," he ordered as he turned it on. My pussy walls clenched tight around the dildo and I knew it was going to be hard to obey as the toy worked its magic. Helplessly, my hips pumped as Russ turned the vibrator up to its highest setting.

A moment later, I felt cold wetness dripping down my ass and knew that Russ had found the Astroglide in my bag. He worked some into my tight ass—a place he'd never successfully invaded with his super-thick cock—then I heard him breathing harder as he fisted himself, coating his cock liberally in the lube. "Tell me you want this, baby girl," he groaned as I felt the monster head pressing against my tight rosette.

"Please, Daddy, take my ass," I whimpered, trying so hard not to cum. I kept my eyes locked on the mirror, knowing that he always wanted me to watch him fuck me. Even with the vibrator buzzing against my G-spot and the amazing finger job he had given me, my ass was tight and I struggled against him, trying to escape the painful stretching sensation.

"Let Daddy in, baby girl," he groaned into my ear as he began to force his way past my sphincter. I relaxed my muscles and felt the delicious POP! as he finally worked his head inside. "So fucking tight," he panted. He removed his hand from his cock, now that he had me open and grabbed my swollen tits hard as he pushed his full length into me. "You know, it would have been easier to get in without that dildo stuffed in your pussy," he chuckled when he was buried balls-deep.

Of course, I knew it; that was why he'd insisted on having it fill me before he battered his way into my ass. He was justifiably proud of his thick cock and he loved when I complained that it hurt me... Almost as much as I loved having it hurt me. But this was—as he said—something entirely different. My ass burned, stretched tightly around his cock. My pussy tingled from the vibrator buzzing away deep inside me. My tits throbbed painfully in their restraints. And I felt needier than I ever had in my life.

He pulled back until only his head remained inside me, then shoved his full length in again, as he reached for my poor, tortured titties once more. He squeezed both of them hard and ground his cock into my ass. Combined with the dildo working my pussy, it was more stimulation than I could handle. I came, harder than ever before, crying out mindlessly at the intense pleasure. My body shook as I squirted, clear cum flowing down my legs.

The orgasm was so intense, I would have fallen if Russ didn't have a tight hold on me. He moved me so that my belly rested on the dresser top and began pounding away. He wasn't being careful in the least, abusing my poor ass with his thick cock. The force caused my tightly bound tits to bounce in a way that soon had me working my hips under him. "Where do you want me to cum, baby girl?" he groaned after I'd orgasmed again.

"Fill me up, Daddy," I begged, loving the way he fucked me.

With a few last, viciously hard thrusts, I felt his cock contract inside me and he groaned loudly as he blew his load deep inside my ass. As he pulled out, he slapped my buttocks and said, "You didn't wait for permission to cum. You know I have to punish you for that, don't you, baby girl?"

I knew. And I couldn't wait.



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