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What Is a Master Ch. 03

Our relationship continued and deepened. It was getting better and better. She had accepted that I was her Master, but in name only. I was not really that into it. I was very indulgent. For a sub she did pretty much whatever she wanted to do. It was actually quite charming in its own way. And we adored each other.

My Ursula was a perfect woman, in every way. She was bright, very articulate, and engaging. And her beauty was outstanding. She had lovely, short, raven hair, and a body to die for, with perky breasts and an hour glass figure. Her hips were wide and her ass brought tears of joy to my eyes. And that preciously shaped pussy hair was the veritable icing on the cupcake.

I was not so much to look at. I came in at only one hundred fifty pounds. I had not a speck of fat. I had short brown hair and a lively smile. I was quick witted and knowledgeable in several subjects. Not to brag, but I could hold my own in conversation with virtually anyone. And I did not take any crud from any man alive.

We had continued to pursue our own way in the sexual field. We made love almost every day in some fashion. I would always wait for her to cum and cum many times before allowing myself to shoot my spunk into some orifice, or on some surface of her body. Most of the time we had our loving sessions at her apartment. She was much more affluent than I. That did not matter in the least, of course, but her digs were much more comfortable and appealing than my little one bedroom apartment downtown.

Living on the east coast with its variable climate was sometimes uncomfortable, but appealing in many ways. The beaches were nearby and the hills were within driving distance, where we could walk, hand in hand, under the canopy of deciduous trees covering the landscape. The black oaks and red oaks and elms covered the hillsides and the rhododendrons were in bloom.

I was aware of her relationship with Cynthia so it was no surprise that they continued being more than friends. When we were not together Ursula was often with Cynthia, either out having lunch, shopping, or making sweet female love together. I did not mind in the least. I, in fact, encouraged it. I loved my Ursula, and I still cared for Cynthia in my own special way. They were two of the dearest female friends. They could do no wrong in my eyes.

Cynthia had begun a relationship with a Master of her own. I was not privy to its more personal aspects, but was aware of how much she wanted and needed it to last, to grow, and to become her reason for being. That was what I had always wanted for her. I wished her a deep and abiding love, and a joining with someone who would give her the love and respect she deserved. That was what she had yearned for so many years without success.

Spending time with Cynthia and Carl was something both ladies wanted for us all. I had no particular objections. It would be a good thing to get to know this new man in her life. We went out for dinner together and there were no problems to speak of. Cynthia was quite subdued around Carl, but I presumed this was the Master and sub part of their relationship coming out. As for Ursula and me, well, she was just herself. Being a sub did nothing to subdue her! I may have been the Master in name, but she was just Ursula, all the way, all the time.

After that dinner, with little to go by, I was still uncertain of Carl and his intentions. But it was Cynthia who had to judge, and Cynthia to accept the consequences of her decisions. Ursula and I would be there, whatever happened.

As we walked into the elevator going up to her apartment Ursula hit the stop button. Then she got on her knees on the carpeted elevator floor and unzipped my Wranglers. I was not hard yet but I started to be as she dragged my dick out of my boxer briefs. By the time her mouth descended on my cock head I was as hard as adamantine. She was in a hurry. She wanted some cum and quickly. I grabbed her shiny black hair and fucked her face deep and slow. She racked her teeth over my prick and I started shooting strings of cum down her throat. She drained me and all the time looked up into my eyes with her fairy twinkle. Then she released my dick, laughed, and she rose for a kiss. I tasted my own cum on her lips.

We spent the rest of the evening playing Master and sub. It was a game we were developing. I was Daddy/Master and she was Daughter/sub. It was fun and made us both extremely horny. She introduced me to all the toys in her cabinet of joy and pain. I practiced all of them on her, or as much as I could. Sometimes I wimped out and would not hurt her as much as she expected. But that was me, the untrained Master.

Our lives continued in this manner. She spent all the time she could with Cynthia her real love. I was the adored one but Cynthia was the loved one. I accepted that gracefully. I was lucky to have someone as good as Ursula even looking at me, not to say treating me like a knight to her as the damsel. She would often relate to me the loving sessions she had with Cynthia. They were exciting and made our own love making even more lusty and filled with passion.

One evening after Ursula had spent hours with Cynthia she returned to her apartment. I was waiting at the door as I often did. She had called to tell me she was on her way home and I was welcome to spend the night. That suited me fine. Nothing was better than time spent with Ursula. I gave her the full embrace she needed and expected, and I loved giving, and I kissed her with the passion and ardor only a man who knows he is adored can give.

We went inside and I helped her change into her go-to-bed clothes. This indicated that she was tired and we would not be making love tonight. I was okay with that. I was a very patient and confident lover. I lacked the horrible urges some men had to always get their rocks off. I was always abiding the wishes of my lady. And I was greatly rewarded for my behavior. I got more pussy than many men. And gave more joy, too.

So tonight we went to bed together. She in her teddy, and I in just my boxer briefs. As we drifted off she began telling me about her evening with Cynthia. I started waking up and so did my cock. Anyway, she and Cynthia had been at Cynthia's home and they had made sweet, sweet woman love. The kind men dream of watching, and know they can never achieve.

First, after a long talk about their day they had looked into each other's eyes and clearly knew what was now to happen. They rose from their seats, went into the bedroom, and slowly disrobed each other, letting their fingers talk with passion as they touched each other, while the clothes came off. Both loved to have their breasts nibbled and sucked and they traded this fun with each other. First Ursula sucked Cynthia's hard nipples, then Cynthia nibbled and licked on Ursula's perfect, perky tits. They were both making their panties wet as hell. Then they each knelt one after the other and sucked the pussy juice from the panties, before removing them. First Ursula did it for Cynthia, then Cynthia did it for Ursula.

I was so hard it ached. But I was ready and willing to just listen all night to my lady. And she seemed to want me to hear it all. But I did wrap my hand around my cock and squeezed it tight. It felt good. She continued with her narration. The two girls wrapped themselves in an embrace and pressed their breasts up and against each other. They pressed and mashed and rubbed their titties and felt their hearts beating faster and faster. And they opened their mouths and sucked face. They made out. They kissed and sucked and tongued each other with only the passion two women can manage to bring out of each other.

They were naked and beautiful women making love. They fell onto the bed and started doing their favorite thing. Both had become so wet and creamy that their pussies were dripping with cum all over the lips of their cunts. Each reached a hand to the twat of the other and began fingering the little clits above their pussies. Then, as they both kept cumming and cumming they moved together crossing one leg over the other and began tribbing.

Both had beautiful legs and they must have looked so fucking great as they scissored against each other. Rubbing cunts and making the pussy juice soak the bed. And they looked into each other's eyes and knew this was the best of love. They could continue this tribbing for an hour and not get tired. Their cunts drooled out cream more and more and they could not have been happier. I was fucking happy just hearing about it!

Finally they tired of this play and moved on to more fun. It was time for mutual pussy diving. Ursula loved to be on the bottom while Cynthia made love to her quim. And Cynthia did not mind the dominant position when making love to her Ursula. They began their 69 and started by lapping up the cum drippings from their cunts. I am certain that there was a lot to lap up.

After cleaning each other they began some serious pussy loving. Cynthia used her fingers to pop out Ursula's tiny clit and started to lick it, then to nibble and then to bite it. Ursula cried out in pain and lust. She wanted more and more. She had to stop what she had been doing. She had been chewing on Cynthia's labia and that was why Cynthia had bit Ursula's clit. All good fun for those into BDSM.

Now it was time to get into some serious cunt-lapping, pussy-eating, muff-diving, or whatever you wanted to call it. It was certainly the grand part of the evening. Both girls were seriously into eating cunt and loving the taste and smell. They were virtually chomping and chewing and lapping to their heart's content, and cumming all the while. Finally, as often happened to two such close friends, they erupted together, and began squirting out of their cunts. Ursula's juices hit Cynthia in the face. She had anticipated it and had her mouth wide open to catch all she could. Some, of course, covered her pretty face and got into her long, wavy, blond hair. Cynthia squirted down all over Ursula's face and on her chest and tits.

Now it was the fun of clean up time again. Each girl lapping up the juicy wetness that covered them both. This was the best of times. This was when they became closest and most loving. Caressing each other with their tongues. Kissing and touching as they traveled over their luscious lady flesh. Their skin was soft and smooth, and made for loving. It was a gentle, sweet, tender love they shared.

That was how my Ursula had spent her evening before coming home and having me spend the night with her. Again, she loved her Cynthia, but she adored me. There was no conflict for us. I accepted my place in the scheme. But apparently Carl had other ideas. After relating all that occurred that evening my dear Ursula told me of something else, something quite exasperating and annoying to me and, certainly, to her. Carl had been texting, phoning, and emailing her. And he was even using other methods to try to keep in contact with Ursula.

What the hell was his scheme? I could not decipher what his plan was. He had Cynthia. What more would he want? How much did one man need to be happy? I tried to explain to her the difference between being courteous and accepting harassment. What true man does not understand the meaning of no? What true man allows himself to become an asshole to the friend of his so-called lover. What true man does not understand honor and integrity? In simplest terms, what man doesn't get it when he is unwanted?

These were questions I would have to explore. My Ursula deserved the best and she would get it. She did not deserve unwanted overtures and unnecessary rudeness in a life spent helping others. She was a social worker because she wanted to be, not because she needed the income. She deserved what I would go to the world's end to give her. She needed peace and contentment and the love she was meant to have.

The next few days passed as usual. I spent time at Ursula's place teaching her to accept her place as my sub. I was getting laughed at most of the time, but having a good time and learning the BDSM lifestyle with each lesson. I was disciplining her, but I was being taught at the same time. Who was the sensei? Who really gave a fuck.

I would place a gold cock ring on my dick. She loved that. Then I would put nipple clamps on her tits and make her follow me around the room completely naked, her sweet hairy pussy dripping juices on her carpet, and a bung plug up her ass. She would be wearing shackles on her lovely ankles, and her hands would be in cuffed and stretched out before her in a beseeching manner. My leash would be around her neck. I would tell her that she would only get fucked when she stopped cumming from her sweet, tempting pussy.

This could go on for a long time. She was such a quick and prolific cummer. But finally I would give in, and I would remove most of the chains and restraints just so I could get at her mouth or her cunt. She loved sucking cock. With the cock ring on I would gush out for her after a long cock sucking session. She ate and ate to her heart's delight.

Sometimes, of course, the pussy would need to be fucked long and hard. I would leave in the bung plug, leave her hands shackled so she couldn't play with Master, but would spread her legs on the bed and tie her ankles and feet to the bed posts so I got her cunt wide and open for deep penetration. I tied a silk scarf around her face to muffle her screams of passion. I liked hearing them, but I was trying my Master powers. I still was not the best on the block.

Then, with my newest cock ring in place I would begin slowly pushing the head of my prick into her leaking cunt. She started squirming with joy, as always wanting more and faster, but I took my time. I slowly pushed in until I filled her whole pussy with my cock. Then I rested. And she looked at me with her pleading, beautiful eyes. Then I would begin pounding and pounding, and ramming and ramming. This was what she had been begging for. This is what she was getting. I thrust my cock so deep I could feel the bung plug. I finally relented and reached up and tore the scarf away, and she squealed out her passion and joy at the cumming she was experiencing.

The cock ring worked well. I held back for a long time, but finally gushers of cum filled her pussy and oozed out around my dick. She squealed again from the pleasure of receiving my tons of cum. She absolutely loved cum. Feeling it on her body, in her pussy, dribbling down her throat, being sprayed all over her body, on her tits and in her face. She was my baby girl cum-lover. I adored her. And I filled her with my man juices. Then I popped out the bung plug and she came again.

As we always did after one of my Master lessons we cuddled and she criticized my technique. Right, a sub criticizing her Master. It is very amusing, I know, but I was an untrained Master. So she told me what went right and what could have been better, and I learned a little more after each of these sessions.

Moving on to other pillow talk we discussed our Cynthia. I knew Ursula loved Cynthia with a lover's passion. I loved Cynthia with the love of a friend. We both wanted nothing but the best for her. We both wondered if she was on the right track this time, hoping against hope that it would be.

I could not understand this Carl. What true man could not simply accept the great gift he had been given and be glad and rejoice in it? As did I. Something would have to be resolved. And it would have to happen soon.

If I was fortunate, it would be in my favor. Unfortunately, things had often gone wrong for me. Which would it be this time?



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