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What He and the Rain Made Me Do

I met him for the first time yesterday. We were both eating at the bar in a restaurant and he had said hi. Before we knew it, three hours had gone by. It seemed conversation between us just flowed. We talked about everything and sometimes nothing really. We laughed a lot.

A hurricane was moving in and it had already started to pour down outside. I said I wasn't looking forward to driving an hour in this kind of weather so I would be hanging out at the bookstore next door. He mentioned his house was just a few blocks away.

"I don't really know you. I wouldn't feel comfortable going to a stranger's house," I said. That's not entirely how I felt. I was drawn to this man. There was something sweet and warm about him. Something safe about him that made me want to go home with him.

"I understand," he said. "Would you like some company at the bookstore?"

That would do I thought. "Yes, I would," I said happily.

We walked next door and into the bookstore. We talked about the things on the shelves that interested us, cooking, travel and cars. Then we walked into the relationship section and the conversation turned to sex. But it wasn't like other conversations with men about sex. It was different. He seemed almost reverent. As if he honestly felt sex was something important that two people shared, not something two strangers hammered out in a bathroom. He shared the stories about his past relationships and what it had done to him. I felt compelled to do the same.

Then I began to realize, we were meant to meet that day. The two of us were the same, wounded souls needing someone to give them something passionate and to give passion. "It doesn't look like this rain is going to let up," I said as I looked at him with a slight smile.

He understood. "Well like I said my house is just a few blocks away."

"Well if you don't mind some company," I said trying not to sound too eager.

"My car is parked right out front. We can leave yours here and pick it up after the storm," he said with confidence.

"Ok," I said hesitantly. Half of me was screaming no you idiot, don't go home with a stranger. The other half of me was racing with excitement because I knew where this was headed.

He pointed to his car from inside the bookstore. "Ready?" he asked with a smile on his face. I smiled back. We ran out into the rain. He moved along side of me so he could open the car door, I got in and he shut it. I was fairly soaked. He got in on his side and shut the door. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"Yes, just a little wet, but I'll be fine," I said with grin.

He surveyed my clothes. I was conscience of how I looked and wondered if my makeup was running or if he could see through my shirt.

It took us no time to get there. His house was small but tucked away inside an island of trees. He had no garage. I was about to get wetter. I realized I would need to change clothes. This would certainly make things go smoother. My heart was still racing but I felt no need to run. I still felt strangely safe with this man. This man I had only met that morning over brunch.

He pulled into the driveway and turned off the car. "Sorry you are going to get wet again. But I'm sure I can find something for you to change into...if you want," he said.

"Yea I probably will need something dry, if you think you can find something. Thanks," I said.

We made a mad dash for his front door which was covered. Now I could feel my shirt clinging to my body. I looked down and could clearly see my bra. My jeans felt uncomfortable and heavy. He was busy getting the door open and didn't seem to notice my bra showing through my shirt. I made no effort to conceal it though.

"Come in and let me find you some dry clothes," he said, "I'll be right back."

I stepped into his house. It was the usual bachelor pad, sparse. He came back with a white button down shirt and a pair of drawstring shorts. "Try these, the bathroom is right behind you." I went into the bathroom and took off everything but my panties. My bra wasn't really all that wet but I wanted him to see my breasts pushing through the shirt. The drawstring shorts were huge on me. Even when pulled tight the shorts were gathered so much around my waist I looked odd. I forwent the shorts.

I emerged from the bathroom in a shirt that swallowed me whole. It was so big it came to my thighs. "Sorry but the shorts don't really stay on," I lied. "But the shirt covers me up, would I make you uncomfortable like this?" I asked, hoping he said no.

"No," he laughed, "just looks like a big dress. Do you want me to try and find you something else?"

"No, I'll be fine. I'm sure my pants will be dry soon, besides, this shirt almost goes to my knees," I smiled. I pulled the shirt up some to draw his eyes to my legs. He looked down at my legs then up at me and I smiled. He gave me a faint grin then invited me into the living room.

The rain was coming down stronger. It was getting darker outside and there was lightening and thunder. I sat on the couch and curled my legs toward me. He called from the kitchen, "Can I get you anything to drink?"

"Ice water would be fine, thanks," trying not to be hard to please.

He returned with the drinks and excused himself to change his clothes. He returned again, dressed in shorts and a polo type shirt.

"Wow, it looks like its getting worse not better, maybe we better check the weather," I suggested.

He sat fairly close to me on the couch and found the weather channel. As we watched I pulled my legs a littler closer to me and pulled the sleeves of my shirt down farther on my arms. "Are you getting cold?" he asked.

"Yea, just a little," I said with a grin. I was perfectly fine.

"Well I'm pretty warm if you want to come closer to me," he laughed, "or I can find you a blanket." He seemed more enthusiastic about the first option.

"Pretty warm guy are you?" I teased back. Then I moved closer to him. "Oh you are warm!" I said with some surprise.

Then he put his arm around me. I snuggled in closer. "Yea, what do you know, that helps," I said with a smile on my face. I turned my body sideways, looked into his eyes and gave him a faint smile. He pulled me right into him, and then he stopped. I was surprised. My heart was beating hard. But I moved in the rest of the way and kissed him. I had wanted to kiss him.

He had a forceful hold on me. I relaxed to pull away after our kiss but it was obvious he wasn't done. His eyes were locked in on my lips so I gave him what he wanted. His free hand moved to my chest and unbuttoned the top button of my shirt. He pushed the shirt away and slid his hand inside. I wondered if he could feel how hard my heart was beating or knew how nervous I was.

He moved in to kiss me again and I opened my mouth. His kiss was sensual. It turned me on even more. I kissed back with some force. His hands moved to my waist and he picked me up and sat me on his lap. I smiled and moved one leg to either side of him. His hands ran up each leg and met at my waist, then up toward my breasts carrying my shirt with him. His hands came together at my breasts and caressed each one. I bent down to kiss him and we kissed long and hard. He pulled his hands out of my shirt and began to undress me. I focused on him. Running my hands along his neck, then following with a kiss. He opened my shirt and exposed my breasts, wrapping his hands around them. His hands felt good on me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation of his body beneath me and his hands on my bare breasts. I wanted to feel his lips on me so I rose on my knees and moved closer to him. His hands wrapped around my rib cage and pulled me even closer. His mouth enclosed around my nipple and I could feel his warm tongue. I was melting under his touch. I watched as he moved back and forth from each breast, making my nipples hard. I was getting very wet.

Then he kissed me from the bottom of my sternum to the top, very slowly, while his hands were pressing into my back making me arch. He began kissing me up my neck then finding my mouth. I dove into his mouth, pulling on his bottom lip. He grabbed the back of my shirt and pulled it off of me. He put a hand under each arm and pulled me off of him, sitting me down in his lap. He surveyed my body. Then, he looked right into my eyes and smiled. I was glad that he was pleased with what he saw. I wanted him to explore my body and touch me. I waited to see what he wanted from me.

"Come with me," he said plainly.

He helped me off his lap and onto my feet. He walked in front of me and led the way. His room was just as sparse as the rest of the house but his bed was made. "Lie down on the bed for me," he asked.

So I climbed into his bed, turned over and leaned on my hands. He was getting undressed. When he was done, he moved over my body and began kissing me. Then he said, "Will I have to tie you up to get you to lie down?"

"Maybe," I teased.

With that he left the bed and went to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and began to pull out Velcro restraints and tethers. I wasn't sure I was ready for a total stranger to leave me tied to his bed. "I don't know if I trust you to tie me up, maybe you will leave me here all weekend and use me for your pleasure," I smiled.

He started attaching the tethers to the bottom of the bed posts. "I plan to do just that," he said. He seemed to be teasing. I was willing to take the chance.

He gently pulled my right arm out from under me while looking me in the eye. Maybe he was waiting for me to panic. But I was too curious and excited. I also for some strange reason still trusted him not to hurt me. So when he wrapped the Velcro restraint around my right wrist, I didn't struggle. I lay down as he went to the other side of the bed and did the same to my other wrist. Now my heart was pounding again. No way out now. I laid there looking up at his ceiling, listening to the rain and hoping I hadn't just made a huge mistake.

Now he was at the end of the bed, he grabbed my ankles and pulled them apart. He climbed in between my legs. Putting one hand on each thigh he gently pressed my legs open wider. I was so wet. There was no hiding how turned on I was. When his hand touched my hot, wet lips I breathed in heavily. He ran his finger from the top of my pussy to the bottom. I moaned in pleasure. Then he slid his finger inside me. My back arched and I moaned again. He owned me.

He slid his finger in and out of me a few times and I could feel myself grabbing him. He pulled it out and began moving the tip of his finger in circles over my clit. I whimpered. I couldn't help myself. Then he spread my lips open with his hands and ran his tongue down me. I couldn't stop making noise. His tongue went inside me, then back to my clit. I felt his finger again, moving in and out. I clenched my teeth because I felt like yelling out. I was so turned on. I wanted to cum on him with his finger inside.

His finger moved to my clit and his mouth moved to my inner thighs. I could feel wetness pouring out of me. He bit me gently. I couldn't stand it anymore. "Please get inside of me" I asked. He plunged his finger into me and gently bit my clit. Then he began sucking on it. His finger pumping in and out of me in a slow steady motion, I was so close to cumming. I couldn't decide whether I wanted to cum on his finger or his cock. But I had to cum, I was so close.

Again he moved his mouth to my inner thighs, licking and biting me. His finger would alternate between circling my clit and steady slow pumping into my pussy. I could feel how wet the bed was beneath me. I was tense from the need to cum. I pulled at my tethers. My legs began to come together. He slapped the inside of my thigh. "Keep your legs open or I will tie them up too," he said. I couldn't help it though. I was writhing on the bed, needing to cum.

Then he plunged his finger in me and licked at my clit. I came so hard I screamed. Pleasure radiated through my body.

I lay on the bed resting. He moved to the top of the bed and began to loosen the tethers. He rearranged pillows and propped me up. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked.

"I did," I sighed, still enjoying my endorphins.

"Do you want me inside of you?" he asked, his voice was much deeper.

"Yes," I answered eagerly.

"Well you have work to do," he said and then moved himself into a position that allowed me to return the favor I just received.

With my tethers loose I could reach him. I wrapped my hand around his cock and moved it to my lips. He was partially hard. I opened my mouth and took him in, rolling my tongue around his cock. I slowly pulled him out of my mouth. I pumped him a few times and plunged him back into my mouth. He was hard now. I pulled him out again to see my work. I was pleased with myself. Using my tongue I followed the length of his cock. Back and forth I moved slowly, teasing him some. He grabbed my jaw and moved his cock to my lips. I obliged and took him in. I heard him sigh heavily. I stroked him with my mouth and hand and massaged him with my tongue. He was rock hard. I so wanted him inside me.

He pulled himself out of my mouth. Then he reached over, removed the pillows and began retightening my tethers so they held me down flat against the bed. He got off the bed and left the room.

I called out his name, but he didn't answer. It was still raining outside, but not as hard as it had been. There was a faint sound coming from what I thought was the kitchen area. Finally he returned.

I picked up my head to see what he was doing. He had something in his hand, a small container filled with something dark. Climbing back on the bed, he sat beside me. He leaned over and kissed me. Then sat up and opened the container. I was able to read the label, chocolate pudding. He dipped his finger in the pudding and then touched my nipple. He repeated this until I was covered in chocolate, my breasts, my nipples, my stomach, the insides of my thighs and lastly my bottom lip. I tasted it with my tongue. It was creamy and slightly sweet.

The work began. Creamy chocolate was licked off of every sensual part of my body. He worked and worked, getting all of the chocolate off of me. His warm tongue was moving in every direction. I could hear him licking his lips sometimes. It felt wonderful and wetness just poured right out of me. He saved my inner thighs for last. Alternating between my inner thighs and my clit, he would lick me hungrily. Sometimes it would be slow and sometimes hard and aggressive. He held my thighs in his hands moving them around so he could get to the creamy chocolate. I enjoyed being his dessert.

Suddenly he seemed to be done with my inner thighs. He moved over on top of me and we began to kiss. I wanted to touch him and was pulling at my restraints. He didn't seem to notice or maybe he didn't care. I strained to reach his mouth. Then he moved back down between my legs. I was incredibly primed and it took little more effort from him to make me cum again. A few strokes of his finger and his warm tongue on my clit and I was writhing on the bed for him.

As I recuperated from my second hard cum, once again he began his ritual of adjusting pillows and loosening tethers. Was it my turn with the chocolate pudding? Yes! He moved into position, held out the container and said, "Your turn dear." I was ever so happy to oblige. I dipped my finger in the creamy pudding and licked my own finger and then licked him. Chocolate pudding was now on his cock. I dipped my finger again. This time dragging it across his cock, then cleaning my finger with my tongue. I looked up and smiled at him. He was intently watching me. Now I began my delicious work. I ate that creamy chocolate pudding off of him like I had been craving it all day. Not one part of his hard cock was untouched by my eager tongue. I used my hand to move him around and be sure I had licked him completely clean. I had.

I wanted him inside me and was determined to get him so close he had to have me. I began stroking his cock with my hand, running my tongue along his shaft. He stroked my hair and face. Working him slowly I massaged him. I got more aggressive. Stroking his hard cock, I was trying to get him ready for me. He was watching. I wondered if I put on a show if he would get more excited. So I held his cock in my hand and licked it slowly, making sure he could see. Moving my tongue around the tip in circles, I then ran my tongue under and along the edge of the tip of his cock. I sucked the tip into my mouth, slowly pulling it out past my soft lips. With vigor I took his whole cock into my mouth and began stroking again with my mouth and hand. He was so hard. I heard him moan. I clawed at his leg with my other hand. My impatience was making me aggressive.

He pulled out of my mouth slowly. He moved pillows. "Sit up and turn around for me," he instructed very matter of fact.

Getting on my knees while still on the bed, I turned around and faced the wall. He hooked the two wrist restraints together and tightened the tethers a little. The bed had a headboard so I had a place to rest my hands. He came up behind me and slid his cock between my wet legs. I moaned at the touch of his cock on my pussy.

Yes, finally I would feel his hard cock inside me. I began to move back and forth trying to spread my legs for him. He ran his cock between my wet lips, getting it warm and wet. That just made me wetter. His cock was rubbing against my clit. Now I wanted to cum again.

I could feel his lips on my back, kissing me. He ran his hands along my body. "Please get inside me," I begged. He pushed my hair aside and I naturally leaned my head to one side to expose more flesh for him to have. He kissed my shoulders and the middle of my back. "Please," I begged again. His hands reached around and cupped both breasts, massaging them. He pulled on my nipples. "Please, please get inside me." He licked my back. He bit the side of my neck. He was driving me crazy. "I'm begging you to fuck me," I said hoping he would understand how badly I wanted it. Finally I felt his hard cock slide into me.

"You want me to fuck you?" he asked.

"Yes," I gasped as he drove inside of me.

"Say it," he said into my ear.

"Fuck me, please, fuck me," I begged him.

That was all it took. He grabbed my waist and began to give me what I wanted. He moved steadily. I moaned and arched my back. It felt incredible. I enjoyed every single slow steady stroke and let him know by moaning. I couldn't have stopped moaning if I wanted to though. No doubt I was consumed in the pleasure of him.

He pulled out and ran his hands over the sides of my body. I twisted my body to look at him. I wanted to protest. He lay on his back and moved his head between my legs. I felt his hands spread my lips apart and his tongue lick me from bottom to top. I got lightheaded. I had to lean on the headboard. The licking continued. Having my lips spread made my clit more sensitive. His tongue went inside me then moved to my clit. He worked my clit, massaging and sucking it. I bit my lip, trying hard not to scream out. His thumb caressed my pussy. I wanted to rip the headboard off. I pulled at my tethers. I gripped the headboard. I moaned and yelled out. Finally wonderful release, as I came all over him. He licked up my cum and moaned. My pussy throbbed for his cock.

"Now fuck me!" I said sternly. He wasted no time as he slid his hard cock into my hot, wet pussy.

He had a strong grip on my waist as he drove into me. I was pushing back into him. We moved rapidly for a while. Then once again he stopped. He began to loosen the tethers to give me some slack. "I want to see you ride me," he whispered into my ear.

I backed up. He lay down on the bed. My restraints were still hooked together and I was still tethered to the bed. I had to put my hands on his chest as I threw one leg over him and climbed on top. He slid his cock inside me and I moved down on top of it the rest of the way. I gasped because his cock went deep into me. I leaned forward and working at the waist began moving my hips up and down on top of him. Encouraging my movements, his hands were on my waist.



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