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What Is a Master Ch. 01

Cynthia was an old friend. She and I had been good friends for a long time. I knew her, and trusted her with my life and heart. She had never failed me. It was at her instigation that I went out with a dear friend of hers. This friend was someone from another group, another gathering that I had never met. Cynthia was a friend, but she also had her secrets to which I had never been privy. For whatever reason, Cynthia felt that Ursula and I would hit it off. We were about to find out this very evening.

It had been decided by Cynthia and me that I would meet her friend, Ursula, at one of the many Italian restaurants in our east coast town. The time of the assignation was eight in the evening. I, of course, would arrive early and find an appropriate table and make sure that all was well for the meeting. This I did.

Promptly at eight of the evening I glanced up at the entry way and saw the most beautiful, raven haired woman that I had ever seen, with her hair in a pixie cut. One never believes in love at first sight. I was about to doubt such disbelief. She had lovely eyes that were twinkling in the bright lights of the entry. She approached the hostess, but I rose and raised a hand in greeting. She was quick and bright enough to see and recognize that I was her escort for the evening, and she smiled a sweet glance at the hostess, then she turned and came to me. Such a lovely phrase, "she came to me."

As she glided towards the table, truly glided, I took in her loveliness. As I said, her hair was raven black, and it was shaped like a pixie's to the nape of her soft, white neck. Her shoulders were aristocratic and were covered by a frock of shiny silk that clung to her body like honeysuckle clings to the garden wall, tightly and showily. Her breasts were proud and uplifted and rounded out the curves she displayed farther down at her huggable waist and suitably wide and luscious hips. I could not yet see what was bringing up the rear, but had little doubt that it would be soft, firm, and squeezable.

I took her hands as she arrived at the table and said, "Cynthia was, unfortunately, not as forthcoming about you as she could have been. I do think we shall have fun this evening, filling in the gaps, so to speak."

She smiled, and replied, "You know, that will be such good fun indeed, filling in the gaps," and she gave me a sly grin. I sensed a subtle undertone to her speech, and it was rather stimulating. Yes, quite stimulating.

It was a very pleasing dinner. She had the eggplant parmesan and I had the spaghetti bolognese. We shared some calamari and finished a whole bottle of wine. The dinner was common, the conversation outstanding. We had immediately became good friends, indeed. It was such a feeling of warmth and acceptance that I almost doubted that I was surely awake and sharing such an engaging evening. Finally, we decided the dinner was complete and she asked if I would care to join her for coffee and brandy at her place. What a question!

I had my Mercedes and she had arrived by cab, so I drove her home. She lived only a few blocks away. I memorized that route, you can believe it. And the address. I fully intended to put her in my book of wonders. As we climbed the stairs to the second floor it was my pleasure to watch her buttocks move up and down in her silk outfit. I could clearly see no panty lines. Something was stirring in my slacks. Besides, I was a leg man from way back, and hers were choice, like those of an Irish step dancer.

What a charming apartment! An eclectic mixture of traditional landscapes and modern abstract. I also saw mixed in some rather exotic photos and etchings of rather naughty scenes. I loved it all. And I loved the fact that she had made her bookshelves the center of attention in the front room. Where had this vision been hiding all my life. She went into the kitchen, started brewing some coffee and offered me a snifter of brandy to warm me up.

I roamed about the apartment, and suddenly found a half-opened cabinet, which I took for holding more precious books. She had told me to make myself at home. I did. I opened the cabinet and was dismayed. There were some quite odd artifacts hanging on the wall, and I was not so naive as to not recognize their uses. Some were dildos of various sizes and shapes and colors. Others I did not quite understand, but I knew their function must be sexual in nature. Curiouser and curiouser.

When she returned with the coffee on a tray, with cream and sugar if I cared for it, I smiled at her and glanced over to the now open cabinet. It was quite charming to see her actually blush and to laugh out loud. I only wanted to kiss her for it.

"You're certainly an interesting young woman, my dear, and I would love to hear more about your inner life. You told me the innocent things at dinner. They were charming enough. Now, let's get into the really intense side of your personality."

"Well, you've made a great impression on me Roger, and I would really like to get to know you better. But are you sure you are ready to enter my life? It might be more than you are prepared to handle."

I got up from the easy chair I had been occupying, moved over to the sofa she was sitting on and joined her. She turned towards me and smiled. I moved my hands up to cup her darling face and kissed her, softly, gently and thoroughly. I was pleasantly surprised by her response. She wrapped her arms around me and pressed her now hard nipples against my knit shirt. I was almost smothered by her kiss as she began moving her wet lips all over my mouth and face. She was actually making love to my face! And I was loving it!

I'd never found anyone so intense in sexual response. She virtually dragged my clothes off of me, and I returned the favor, trying hard not to damage the silk dress, but loving that her pussy was still hairy and shaped. Her breasts were firm, and oh so luscious. The nipples were like little erasers, standing out and waiting to be serviced. When I was bare my cock stood up proud and curved, ready to reach any G-spot in the vicinity.

I was damned surprised when she pushed me down across her lap. What the hell, I thought. She grabbed an innocent looking leather strap from the end table and began slapping my ass! I got harder than before. I had not been treated like a toy before. I was enjoying it. For awhile. But, I must admit, though it was fun for a moment or two my personality reasserted itself. I was not the submissive type. I flipped over, stood up and grabbed her by her sweet waist. I then laid her down and began slapping her ass and pussy with my bare hand. She began creaming on my lap. I could feel it on my still hard cock.

"I'm sorry Master, I thought you would like being spanked a little. Please don't punish me too badly. But you could use the strap. I probably deserve it. I'm a little assertive at times."

So I picked up the leather strap and began creating some welts on her ample ass. I was actually enjoying it. After she had creamed all over me for ten minutes of spanking I decided I needed some sex of my own. "Get on your knees and suck my cock, you little slut!" She obeyed immediately, looking up into my eyes with tears falling and a broad grin on her face. She opened wide and I began to fuck her face.

She wanted to lick my cock but I told her that she wasn't getting anything she wanted until I got what I wanted. And I told her if she didn't stop creaming immediately I would never let her cum again. She bowed her head, placed her hands behind her back and then took my cock down her throat, still gazing up with loving eyes at my blue ones. I fucked her so hard she gagged, then I came hard, shooting into her loving mouth. She gobbled and ate it all. Not a damned drop was spilled.

I wiped my cock on her face, told her to lay face up on the sofa and then went over to examine her collection. "Keep your mouth shut while I look over this stuff," I ordered her. She lay there quiet and docile. But she looked so damned luscious. I was reluctant to play this game, but if she was into it, I was not about to lose her over this. I already adored her.

I gathered some clamps and chains together, picked up a huge dildo like object, and went back over to my new lover. She stayed where she had been ordered to stay. I took some clamps, put one on a hard nipple, another on the other one, and with chains, attached them both to her pussy lips with two more clamps. She squealed in pain and with an undertone of lust as the clamps bit into her soft, feminine flesh. Then I kissed her, and told her it would be alright.

She smiled and said, "Thank you, Master."

I grabbed her legs, pushed them up into the air, exposing her ass hole along with the hairy pussy now seeping out pussy juice. "I told you not to cum yet. Are you following orders?"

"Yes, please, Master, please, I can follow orders," she let me know in a querulous voice.

I was feeling sorry for her, but I also knew she was enjoying this.

I held her legs up with one hand on her thin ankles, and then with the other hand rammed a dildo up her ass. She had seeped juice down into it and it went in easy, but it did cause some pain.

"Please, Master, give me more," she begged, and I was prepared to give her more.

I thrust my cock into her cunt and started fucking her as I rammed the dildo into her ass at the same time. I could even feel the dildo with my prick as I rammed into her cunt.

"You may start cumming anytime now slut," I allowed, and I could feel so much pussy cum start streaming out of her cunt around my cock and draining down to lube the dildo fucking her ass even more.

I could see the clamps digging into her labia and into her hard nipples. She had a look of ecstasy all over her face. I stopped fucking her and ramming her ass and gave her a kiss on the lips. I was trying to be a Master but was not doing it too well I feared. Anyway, I kept kissing and fucking and I could not help cumming hard up her cunt. She cried out with sexual satisfaction and joy. I'd had more sexual release than I had in months. I stopped kissing her, pulled the dildo out of her ass, and withdrew my cock.

We relaxed. I removed the clamps and she smiled at me. I kissed her nipples and licked her pussy clean of all her pussy juice that had seeped onto her labia and sucking the pubic hair. Then I gathered her in my arms and caressed her and loved her as well as I could. I was not good at this, I feared, but I did adore this raven haired pixie of a woman.

We came together on the bed. Wrapped our arms about each other. Started talking. "Master," she started, but I put a finger on her lips. "Ursula, please, I can't be a Master. It just isn't in me." I did so want to please this little flower, but this was not within my powers. Was this going to be the end?

She leaned up on one elbow, looked down at me, and smiled so sweetly. "Roger, you don't have to be anything you don't want to be. I have had a good time tonight. But this is not the only way I can have fun! Really, you are someone I need in my life. I haven't met anyone like you in so long. Please, please, we can still have fun. We can still be good lovers and friends. We have so much in common. Let's don't lose it over something as silly as sexual concepts. I love the Master and sub lifestyle. But I adore you."

This was all so arousing to me. I was so surprised that I watched my cock try to rise again. I had already shot my wad twice tonight. This was new to me. I had never had a third cum in one night, but I was going to try as hard as I could to give her more loving. I wanted to impress her, you could say, and you would be right. I had never wanted to impress a woman so much in my life.

I decided to make love to her my way. Just to see if it would satisfy her. Just to see if I could be in her life without all the accoutrements of Masters and subs. I wanted this woman to love me as I was and not as others were. I was myself and I was not a Master. Never could be.

Gathering her into my arms I caressed her face and fondled her neck with one hand while I gently squeezed and massaged her ample tits. I gently touched her still tender nipples and they hardened again. I was kissing her as a lover kisses his one true love, softly, licking her lips and nibbling them with soft nips. She had been returning the kisses with a certain sense of reverence and adoration. She clearly liked me and I adored her.

As we made out she had been running her hand around, and up and down my still soft cock. She caressed my balls and gently squeezed them. Cupped in her hand I felt a love I had not felt in so fucking long. It certainly helped me start growing and expanding. My prick was coming alive.

Now it was only to be decided how to use this new cock of mine. I had fucked her pussy well and good. I had shot a load into her mouth and she had swallowed and relished all of it. Aha, I thought. There is something I have always wanted to do, but it has never been allowed before. This woman would allow it, for sure. She had allowed a lot more and loved it.

So I asked her to do something for me. Not ordered. Asked. "Please, my sweet Ursula, play with yourself. Make yourself cum for me. I have never watched a woman cum on her own. Do it for me, please, as a friend and new lover?" And she giggled.

I kissed her, of course. She began softly caressing her tits with one hand and moved the other down to her clit. She touched it softly, made it emerge very slightly, and moved her fingers down to the precious lips of her pussy and began rubbing and lubing her labia. She placed two fingers inside, found her own G-spot, and shuddered in a spontaneous cum.

All the while I had been quietly jerking my dick and hoping I could cum again for my new dear heart. My balls had contracted up and were tight against the base of my cock. I jacked it and jacked it and knew that I would eventually cum, if only my baby would make herself cum more and more. She was whimpering and moaning. Her eyes were shut. This time she was not gazing into my eyes. She was completely engrossed in pleasuring herself, and she did it well, with a practiced skill.

Finally, I had, after about ten minutes, worked up a final cum for the night. As Ursula whimpered I started shooting cum all over her body, starting with her face, while she abruptly opened her eyes, and began to grin and laugh with glee. I shot cum on her tits, down her belly and into her belly button, down to her pussy, and even a shot or two on her gorgeous legs. Then I started licking her body clean and she laughed out loud again.

She rubbed my cum into her body and I kept licking her all over. Then, as a gift of adoration, she pushed me down and did the same to me. She licked every inch of my body, while at the same time she rubbed her creaming pussy on my body. We mixed and shared our bodies and cum until, in exhaustion, we collapsed.

This was just the start of something new for my Ursula, and certainly new for me. Our lives were now intertwined. For how long, who could say?



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