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What I Want

What I Want

At least I think I do!

You have decided that I have been an impatient lover and you are going to teach me to be more restrained, shall we say.

I enter the bedroom to find you wearing a rather intimidating outfit. Black thigh high stockings, black stilettos, a black push-up bra, and black gloves. Your hair and make-up are impeccable and your just shaved pussy looks delicious.

I immediately rush over to you to try and lay you back on the bed and ravish you. You halt me in my tracks with a quick command to stop right there as you brandish a small riding crop.

I am brought up short by your command and don't know how to react to this newfound aggressive side to your bedroom personality.

You command me to undress and kneel in front of you. I quickly oblige but can't help but to lean forward to try and kiss you. You quickly sidestep my forward lunge and land a quick lash with the crop on my exposed buttocks. This gets my attention and I quickly realize that you have some definite plans for my training in patience.

You again command me to my knees. This time I obey and kneel as instructed. You command me to cross my wrists in front of me where you proceed to tie them with a length of rope. I go along with this because I trust that you will be teaching me a very valuable lesson. My cock is hard from the unusual treatment and the uncertainty of the situation. And besides, you look absolutely stunning in your outfit.

With a wry smile you command me to watch for a few minutes. You sit in the chair and raise your legs to the foot stool, splaying them wide. Using the riding crop you tease your clit with short quick strokes and a few light taps. My cock twitches at the sight. You summon me closer. I crawl over to you on my knees. You tell me to kiss the crop which you hold out to me. I do and I can smell your juices on it. I lick it tentatively. You quickly pull it away and administer two quick light but still stinging slaps to my rigid cock. I twitch uncontrollably and beg your forgiveness.

You resume playing with your pussy using both the crop and the fingers of your other hand. I can see that you are getting excited too as your lips glisten in the soft light.

You command me to lean forward over the foot stool and I do, my face inches from your hot core. I can hear your fingers working in the wet folds. I moan softly and reach out my tongue. You respond by giving me two quick swipes to my upturned ass, harder than any I have yet received. "Haven't you learned yet that you are not to do anything until I have commanded it?" you ask.

Obviously not.

"This warrants a severe punishment you bad boy. Come with me into the bathroom." You command.

I follow you to the bathroom where you are already removing your shoes and stockings. Your bra quickly follows, along with your gloves. "Into the tub and kneel at the shower end." You command. As I climb into the tub I have an inkling of what is to come and I begin to shake. You climb into the tub with me. Facing towards me you sit on the edge of the tub, one leg raised on the edge and one in the corner. You begin to play with your pussy again. Unknown to me, you have been drinking glass after glass of water for the last two hours and are straining to hold in your pee.

"Come closer." You instruct, "But, don't touch or you will get another taste of the crop!"

"Yes Mistress." I respond without even thinking.

As I edge closer on my knees, I lower my face to within inches of your pussy. You are rubbing your clit furiously and juices are dripping out of your pussy down to your puckered ass. All at once I see that you are beginning to pee, a slight dribble comes out and runs down your ass. You quickly pull the lips of your pussy open and angle your pelvis upward. Straining slightly you produce a quick spurt that hits me in the chest. I gasp as the warm fluid runs down my torso to my raging cock. It is clear and does not smell much at all.

Another short dribble is followed by an even stronger spray. This time you keep the flow going, letting your bladder force the stream up into the air. Arcing above my head, I lean back and it hits me in the face. I gasp and some drips off my lips and enters my mouth. My initial revulsion is replaced by passion and I open my mouth again, this time leaning in closer. The stream is intense. Your fingers keep your pussy lips spread wide and the stream darts around my face.

"Suck my clit NOW!" you scream. I obey, clamping my mouth on your engorged bud. Your pee continues to hit me in the chin. As the stream dwindles you begin to convulse as your orgasm overtakes your body. I support you as you come down from your orgasm.

"Now it's my turn?" I ask.

"No." you coo softly with a hint of mischief in your voice. "You're just getting started."

We shower together, soaping each other up. We caress and fondle each other, which is difficult for me since my hands are still tied together. You order me to bend over and place my hands on the edge of the tub. I eye you suspiciously, but a quick slap on my ass makes me comply.

With a fresh handful of soap you run your hands over my ass. Your fingers graze my asshole lightly and my cock which has remained nearly hard through the entire last hour twitches uncontrollably. You reach between my legs and soap the entire length of my tool and then gently cradle and massage my balls. I groan in absolute torment and pleasure.

Your hand roams back to my ass and you finger circles my tight hole. "What's good for the gander must be good for the goose as well." You chide.

"I don't know bout this." I stammer.

"You don't really have a choice." You purr into my ear, as you ease your index finger into my ass up to the first knuckle. The sensations are intense and I instinctively tighten up.

"I don't think this will work." I plead, but as I say the words you reach around with your other hand and stroke my cock which has never been harder.

"Your cock betrays you." You say. You continue to stroke my cock as you work your finger into my ass. You drop to your knees in order to better position your finger. You put pressure onto my prostrate by curling your finger towards my cock. The sensations cause me to nearly collapse.

You quickly cease your stroking of my cock. "Don't you dare cum before I tell you to! If you do, I'll really have to punish you. Remember, I'm trying to teach you to be more patient.

I cringe and try to concentrate on not cumming. The sensations you are creating by stroking my ass and prostate are intense. Soon, the sensation of imminent release passes and you ease your finger out of my ass with a pop.

You order me to rinse you off and then myself. Stepping out of the tub you again pick up the crop. "Now dry me off." You order and I quickly comply, the crop grazing my ass for emphasis.

"Come join me in the bed when you are finished with yourself." You order. As soon as I am done drying myself I hurry to the bedroom to find you lying on the bed face down on a towel, your right hand is under you and I can see that you are playing with your clit, pinching it lightly. As I approach the bed you spread you legs further giving me a tantalizing view of you fingers sliding along your glistening pussy lips.

"You are going to have to earn your release Dear." You warn, "Now take that bottle of massage oil and give me a massage I'll remember."

"Standing beside the bed, I pour some of the oil onto your back. I proceed to rub it into your skin. I feel you relaxing as the oil heats up. I work down to your legs. When I finish your back side you roll over and I continue the treatment on your front side. I avoid your pussy as I have come to understand your goal with this session, besides, your fingers have again found your clit and you are working yourself towards the point where you will demand me to fill your pussy with my cock. At least this is what I am hoping for.

"Go get the Liberator." You order and I quickly comply. You position yourself on your belly with your ass in the air. Your head is near the edge of the bed and I approach you on my knees.

"Mistress, may I be untied?" I ask.

"O.K." you reply with a slight smile. "You will need both for what you have to do next." You quickly untie my hands and I climb onto the bed beside you. You hand me the bottle of massage oil and wink at me. I know want you want me to do without asking.

Putting a large squirt of oil on my hands, I rub it onto your ass cheeks and down between them into your sweet crevice. Spreading your legs you give me access to your tight puckered hole. I rub oil around the crinkled little entrance and you spasm slightly. I work the oil into your ass and you begin to open up. Your hips rise to meet my finger as you begin to loose yourself in the sensations.

Using my other hand I begin to rub your pussy as well. Your pussy is dripping with your juices.

"Now put your cock in my pussy." You gasp breathlessly, "But don't cum until I tell you!"

Climbing between your legs I position my cock at your entrance. I run it up and down your slit and you push back impatiently. I can't wait any longer and I ram into you in one quick motion. You gasp and push back hard.

The sensation of your tight cunt walls grasping at my cock is incredible. Pulling out nearly all the way, I look down and see your ass opening and closing. I run my finger around the edge and you moan loudly. "Put it on my ass now." You command. Pulling my cock the rest of the way out of your pussy, I position my cock at your tight little entrance.

"Open your ass." I command. I see you concentrate and your ass opens to accept my cock. It is shiny from the oil and I push the head in about an inch.

"Oh yessss!" you hiss between clenched teeth. Slowly, I push my cock in further. With short quick thrusts I work my cock in and out until am plying your ass with full strokes. I pull out completely and your ass remains open, begging to be filled again.

I notice your fingers pinching your clit. "Now my pussy!" you gasp. I oblige and ram my cock back into your juicy hole. The contrast to your ass is incredible. The sensations are incredible. Pounding into you, you push back to meet every thrust. Using my hand on your back, I hold you still as I pull out and ram quickly into your ass. Again the contrast is exquisite. You rise to meet me, impaling yourself all the way onto my cock.

I can't believe the sensations you are creating. I know I am going to cum soon. I pull out of your ass and plunge into your pussy. I increase my pace. I can't control my actions any more. All I want is to cum, deep into your pussy.

You are pushing back to meet every thrust, grunting. I can tell you are close to cumming too. Without warning I begin to cum. The sensations come rushing from my deepest core to the tip of my cock with the speed of light. Spasming uncontrollably I pump my seed deep into your pussy.

As I begin to relax I can see you looking back with mock anger on your face. "I didn't say you could cum. I need to cum too and now you are going to have to finish me off. Lay down on your back."

I quickly comply knowing that I have not completed my task to your satisfaction. You quickly straddle my face with your legs. This is not what I expected. I thought you were going to use my deflating cock to rub your clit till you came. Now I see you have something else in mind. You lower your dripping pussy to my mouth. "Lick me! Make me cum!" you command. I know I have no choice unless I want to disappoint you.

I clamp my mouth over your pussy and I suck and lick like never before. You begin to writhe and pump your pussy up and down over my mouth, my cum dripping into my mouth. Amazingly my cock has sprung back to life and you grasp it harshly. "Do you like my juicy pussy?" you ask.

I can only moan a response. You begin to stroke my cock in time to my licking. You grind your clit into my chin and I force you forward to prevent myself from being suffocated. Leaning forward you lay down on top of me. All of a sudden I feel your mouth envelope my cock. The total sensation is incredible. Never have I felt so connected to you. You moan and writhe on top of me. In this position I have access to your entire sex. I lick from your clit all the way to your asshole, my tongue probing lightly.

Your hand snakes under my legs to my ass and I spread my legs. Your finger works around my ass and then enters my tight passage. I do the same to you and taking my cock from your mouth you gasp a breathless YESSSS!

I feel your pussy begin to spasm. This pushes me over the edge as well. Together we shake and convulse in complete release. Both of us are swallowing quickly to keep from drowning in the others juice. As you roll off of me you turn around and kiss me deeply, your tongue snaking out to find mine.

"I still didn't tell you to cum. We will have to begin training all over again tomorrow." You say with a sly grin.

"If we must." I reply.



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