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We Go Deeper With the "Club" Ch. 02

It was a few weeks after that hot weekend when Jerome brought Louise's roommate, Lynne, into the "Club" alongside my sort-of girlfriend Louise, who was now more realistically Jerome's. (You really have to read the prior two chapters of my journal first. Sorry, but it's too tedious to repeat the key details.)

The four of us were now living in Louise's and Lynne's dorm apartment, with two bedrooms and some living space. I slept on the sofa or at the foot of one of the beds, and Jerome slept with whichever of the two young women he was inclined to on any given night or sometimes with both.

Right after Lynne was brought into the Club, Jerome fucked her mostly for a while. He was extra turned on by her amazing, curvy figure and great, tender love-making skills. And the fact that her face was kind of ordinary made her a more exotic lover for him in a way. It made her great body and great skill as a sex partner somehow surprising and more standout than with Louise and her much prettier face. Everyone would expect Louise to be a great lay. With Lynne, it was-for Jerome-a nice surprise.

Make no mistake, I was not allowed anywhere near either girl with my dick. I was relegated to servicing the girls with my tongue, either to get them ready to be fucked or to clean them up afterwards. Both their pussies and their asses. The two girls were both really turned on to Jerome, however, so my servicing them before he fucked them was more for their enjoyment than for necessity, except when it was to help lube their assholes with my saliva.

The three of them had discovered they enjoyed tormenting me by not letting me come too often. To my initial dismay, they had found a kind of cock cage that could be worn throughout the day. It was made of very hard plastic, and if my dick would get part way hard, it would hurt and fail to get fully hard. For special occasions, they would switch it for a roomy cage that would accommodate my small five-inch hard-ons but still wouldn't allow me to touch myself.

They discovered that if they didn't allow my dick any direct stimulation for several days in a row, that after about four or five days I would ejaculate with no touching at all while going down on one of the girls. Or if Jerome decided to fuck my ass, which he did usually about once a week, that would always make me come without any touching, so it got so that I would really look forward to that. Of course they would make me lick up and swallow my cum from wherever it dropped-the cage, the carpet, wherever.

When they were really feeling generous, they would let me go without any cage for a session of watching Jerome fuck the women and playing with myself, and I could finally enjoy feeling the sensation of my hand on my little dick. Never would the women touch my dick, but occasionally Lynne-not my girlfriend-would sit next to me and whisper taunts at me while kissing my neck and ear and encouraging me to beat off.

"Come on little cucky! You can do it! You can make some jizz bubble up. We know you can!" And after just a few minutes of humiliating encouragement, surely I would shoot my load out of my little dick and up onto my hand and belly. They would all congratulate me and have a giggle before making me clean myself and eat the cum and putting my cage back on.

The whole thing was rather stimulating, and I did tend to have incredibly strong orgasms from their treatment of me and from watching such sexy people in action.

After a few weeks of this humiliating yet incredibly exciting pattern, one morning we were all hanging out at the breakfast table when Lynne broke a news item.

"Tim," she said, "The three of us have been talking about your role in our odd little sexual existence in this apartment, and we want to update you on some new plans we have."

I was instantly terrified. Were they going to throw me out like they had done with Lynne's boyfriend, Brad? I couldn't bear the thought. It wasn't that I exactly loved every aspect of this lifestyle, but I loved Louise still, I loved being in her life, and the sex was meeting most of my needs-admittedly even some that I was quite ashamed of!

Lynne paused for effect but soon continued. "So, I think the 'conscious' Tim is not going to love our plan, but the 'unconscious' Tim is going to be thrilled." I still didn't know where she was going, but I was a little less scared now because at least it didn't sound like they were about to throw me out.

"You see, we know that the conscious Tim still thinks himself to be a little bit of a man and doesn't really love all the humiliations we have placed upon you. You don't fully love having Louise being turned over to Jerome. You don't fully love having your little penis encaged so much of the time. You don't fully love being the lowest on the totem pole around here."

Lynne continued. "Yet part of you does love those things."

"Well, we have decided to deepen your humiliation, to further lower your place in life, to further quash your hopes for a normal future and a normal love life. You see, we have decided that most importantly this will be fun for us-that Louise and Jerome and I will get a thrill from debasing you even further. And our rationale is that you will enjoy it enough and hate it only a little bit more so it will be worth it for all of us in the total."

"You are probably wondering what possibly could we come up with. Well, actually, we have a number of ideas in mind. We actually intend to make your life worse and worse over time until you break-or perhaps break free."

Jerome spoke next. "You see, Tim, we want to squash some more of your hope. It's one thing for you to lose Louise into our lifestyle. It's thrilling for us to experience the part of this living situation that makes you suffer. But we know-because Louise told us-that there is another girl you have loved also, and for whom you have also may still have feelings. It's Emma, your high school sweetheart. We know you carry hopes that maybe you might be with her again one day, if not Louise. So Tim, to deepen your humiliation, and to extinguish some of your hope, I am going to fuck Emma, and we are going to convert her to black cock, too. So she also will never want you as a lover again."

Everyone paused speaking as they soaked up the ashen and stunned look and my face. I was speechless. I had no idea these people could be so cruel. Yet at the same time, I was conflicted, and my cock stirred in my pants. It was totally erotic to imagine my petite Emma, now a freshman in a college two-hundred miles away, becoming another slut to Jerome.

Jerome and Lynne smiled at me somewhat cruelly. Only Louise seemed to feel at all badly for my situation and stared at the floor, mumbling that she was so sorry. She hadn't realized it would go this far. She didn't realize that Jerome and Lynne would want to do something so cruel, but now she had to admit that it turned her on, too. It was almost like an emotional castration, said Louise. And they were all turned onto the idea of eviscerating my emotional life.

Louise went on. "And besides, Tim, you have really taken to this lifestyle. I bet if you really search into your soul you would realize that inevitably we would do this to you, that inevitably we would push and push and take and take. That we would work to squash your manliness and eviscerate your hope for love-and also that you secretly want this. You secretly want to see every woman you care about plundered by superior black cock and made a slave to its awesomeness-as a first phase."

"We are going to get Emma here next weekend for a visit. The arrangements are already made. You have a week to prepare yourself to see her get fucked and plundered by Jerome, and made a whore for huge black cocks. We believe she will be fertile then, too, and we plan to send her back to her college with a black baby in her belly."

As she said that, Louise reached under the table to feel my twitching cock that betrayed my true excitement and said to the group, "Lynne, Jerome- You guys were right. Tim's going to love this. We're going to crush his soul, and he's going to love every second."

To be continued...



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