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The Cabin: A "Perfect" Weekend

It was only a three word email. "A perfect weekend." She sent him a last email message before their weekend away from the city and all the headaches that go with a city.

All week long they talked about the weekend. But, he never knew what to expect. She always kept him "on his toes" so-to-speak. Nothing was ever guaranteed and nothing was ever planned. Everything would be impromptu and nothing would mimic any of their email exchanges.

Of course, this always happened. He learned never to have expectations. And, he learned that his lust and his sexual cravings always came last. It took a long time to learn, and his desires showed through from time-to-time. But, fantasies were fantasies and this weekend was going to be real!

He fantasized about a trip out to the cabin together. He would be ordered to strip at her home. She would blindfold him, shackle him and force him to walk out to her van naked. She would then put him in the van and close the doors. All he took with him were the restraints and blindfold he was wearing. Her van, however, was packed with her favorite toys.

But, he ended his fantasy mid-week. He knew they had to drive separately and he knew that the real thing would always be different. He drove for two hours, anxiously anticipating the events ahead.

He arrived about 2:00pm and picked up the keys to the cabin. The cabin along the Kentucky state line was very remote. Now that he had the key, he still had a 40 minute drive to the cabin. He hoped that his directions to her were very good. He didn't want his car phone to ring with an angry caller on the other end.

Once he arrived, he carried the cooler into the cabin and placed the groceries in the refrigerator. He checked and double checked all the cupboards to make sure all the necessary cooking equipment would be available. If anything was missing, he'd have to buy it before she arrived. Otherwise, he'd have to improvise.

After putting up the groceries, he took his suitcase into the cabin. He was never asked to bring much in the way of clothing. He was always required to bring the practical items such as his leather cuffs, handcuffs, leg irons, nipple clamps and any CBT harnesses he was asked to bring. He lined the dresser in the bedroom with a white towel he brought and put all the equipment neatly in the drawer.

When he was finished, he began to remake the bed. After their first meeting, he never forgot her desire for silk sheets. From then on, he always brought the red silk bedsheets with the black comforter. He smiled as he finished the bed, placing the silk pillow cases on the goose down pillows. He was glad he brought the two down pillows. The last time he forgot, he was punished. He'd never forget that.

He made sure the cabin was tidy and looked at his watch. It was almost 4:00pm. She wouldn't arrive until 6:00pm and he didn't need to start dinner until 5:00. He walked out onto the cabin's deck. He breathed in deeply and sighed as he looked up into the trees. How more perfect can you get? It was a beautiful day, 77 degrees. The cabin he found to rent was tucked away into the woods about 1/2 a mile from the lake, barely visible through the leaves of the tall oak trees. And, the nearest house was more than a mile away. The cabin was fully shaded by the tall trees. It was perfect for any weekend getaway, he thought. It wouldn't matter if it was kinky, vanilla, or a solitary retreat. You couldn't hear a sole. They couldn't hear you. Even wildlife was scarce.

He relaxed on the back side of the cabin on the deck. He leaned on the railing and looked down the hill. He hoped that she didn't have a problem with height. The road down to the cabin was somewhat steep and he knew it was perched on the side of the hill. But, the drop almost looked precarious. He walked around to the front of the cabin to walk off the deck. He circled the cabin and made his way to the back by the deck. He looked up. It must have been about 10 feet off the ground. Quite impressive. You'd never know when you were in the cabin. It was as if the cabin grew out of the hill. About 40% of the cabin's back end was supported by large posts buried into the hill.

He looked at his watch, it was 4:45. It was early, but he thought he'd better get going on dinner in case she was early.

He took his time. One of his pastimes has always been cooking. He didn't bake much, but 16 years of cooking and a few years cooking to make a living showed. He carefully rubbed the ribs with his special BBQ rub and let them rest in the refrigerator. The ears of corn went into the sink and were submerged in the water. With the skill of a surgeon he chopped up several different vegetables for the salad, taking care take to cut each vegetable to it's most desirable size. Once he was finished with the salad, he prepared an olive spinach salad as an appetizer. It was normally served on garlic bread, toasted. But, he decided to serve it with on top of plain toast, Texas style since the meal was a BBQ.

As it approached 5:45, his car phone rang. He panicked. Were his directions ok? He answered nervously. She warned him that she was about 20 minutes away. He smiled and asked if his directions were ok so far. She said yes, they were.

As soon as he hung up with her, he grabbed the corn and pulled back the husks. He carefully pulled all the silk off the tops of the corn and replaced the husks, again submerging them in water. Once the corn was clean, he readied the gas grill.

When the grill was hot, he placed some pecan wood on the sides of the grill so they would smoke and add a bit of flavor to food. He then put the corn on the top grate of the grill.

He checked on the meat, it was sufficiently ready for the grill. But, he waited longer for the corn to begin to steam itself. He prepared the Midwestern bean salad the she liked so much. He made sure to get the baby onions and baby corn to go with it.

When he was finished with the salad, the ribs went on the grill. He turned the heat down so they'd cook slower and not burn. He never noticed the time as he concentrated on turning the meat frequently. Often, he'd look toward the sky and watch the birds play in the tops of the trees.

Before he knew it, the meat was done. He placed the meat on the clean plate and began to turn around. He nearly jumped out of his skin. She was sitting in the chair about 5 feet behind him.

"That's not the way to great a lady!" she said.

"I'm sorry Ma'am, you startled me. I didn't know that you had arrived."

"Well, I'm here. I'm anxious to see the dinner. I'm hungry."

As he walked in the door, he nearly had a stroke. He forgot to set the table! He wasn't paying attention when he BBQ'd the ribs.

As they walked into the kitchen she noted, "Gee, did you have some alternate plans about where I was to eat?"

"No Ma'am, I'm sorry. I wasn't paying attention. I'll set your place now."

"Set it outside. I want to enjoy the weather while the sun is still out."

As he set her place at the picnic table outside, he also gathered the food and served it to her on the deck. "Not only did you forget I needed a plate to eat with, you can't even remember to dress properly while you serve me. Well, not to worry, I'll take care of that later."

"I'm sorry Ma'am, I didn't expect you so soon."

She glared back at him.

"If you don't want me to bend you over that railing right now and beat your sorry butt, you better strip right here and now. It'll have to do since you forgot."

Immediately he began to strip, folding his clothes and placing them in a neat pile by the outside wall of the cabin.

"That's better. Now, you may ready your plate and finish dressing properly."

He left her outside to enjoy her meal. Carefully, he put his cock harness on and his leather cuffs. Then, he put on his black kneepads. As was expected of him, he also put the leg irons on. For the most part, these would stay on all weekend. He crawled into the kitchen and got his special dish, then carried it out on to the deck in his teeth, placing it on the deck next to the picnic table.

"Good boy." She said. He sat in his required position, facing the same direction as she was with his knees spread and his wrists behind his back. She enjoyed her meal, complimenting him from time to time. After she finished, she placed the left-overs in his dish.

Stretching, she stood up and walked behind him, quickly fastening the leather cuffs together. "You may eat now, I'm going to take a bath and relax. I'll be back in a while. I hope you finish all of your meal."

She then dumped the rest of the food he was to eat in the bowl and mixed it all together. She chuckled as she went into the cabin to take her bath.

She giggled as she walked up the stairs to take her bath. She new he had a hard time eating out of the bowl. It would give her enough time to relax in the bathtub.

She smiled when she entered the bedroom and bath. The rooms were precisely arranged and prepared as she asked. She wanted to find something wrong as an excuse to punish him. Smiling, she knew it didn't matter. He was her slave. She would punish him whenever she had the whim; regardless if he deserved it or not.

While she was taking her long warm bath, he was busy trying to eat. Although all the food was mixed together, he was able to enjoy it, carefully selecting one item at a time, picking through it the entire time. It was difficult, his bowl moved on the deck. He tried to move it back so she wouldn't be upset. But, he couldn't help it.

He began to get thirsty and noticed she left a bowl of water near the door before she left for her bath. He crawled over to the door and drank as much water as he could to satisfy his thirst, then returned to his meal.

He lost track of time. He was suddenly startled *CRACK*. He shot upright, remaining on his knees as he felt the crop snap into his ass. *CRACK* the crop hit again. "You better finish everything I gave you slave! Don't insult me!" *CRACK* He tried to get at the last pieces of meat, but was distracted by her crop. *CRACK* He began to hurry, chewing as best he could. *CRACK* His ass began to glow and burn. *CRACK* "You better lick that bowl clean!" *CRACK* His tongue ached as he tried to clean the bowl. *CRACK* His knees began to ache as his ass began to burn with fire. *CRACK*

Finally, he was done. "Finish your water slave." *CRACK* She didn't stop cropping him. *CRACK* As he finished the water, she began to crop his ass rapidly, moving from cheek to cheek. *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* *CRACK* "I suppose your ass is warm now."

She led him back into the house. "Clean the dishes slave. And, when you're done, I have some exercises I need to practice. I want to make sure I have fun with my slave."

She checked her list and read it aloud as he began to rinse the dishes prior to filling up the sink with soapy water.

"Well, let's see. Clothespin practice. Weight practice. Ball stretching. Ball weight practice. Isometric wood exercises. Knot tying. Zipper construction and removal. Well, that should keep us busy for a little while."

He wondered what Isometric wood exercises were. But, he didn't have to guess long when she got all the necessary items out for all the exercises that he would be helping her with. She laid out a new bag of clothespins, fishing weights, a couple window sash weights, the parachute, several paddles and whips rope, and a heavy cotton string. It was going to be a long night.

As he finished doing the dishes, he glanced back over to where Mistress was standing. He was so involved in the dishes, he didn't notice that she walked back out onto the deck and was walking around.

He got back down on his hands and knees and crawled back onto the porch. It was still very light out. However, it was beginning to cool down.

"Mistress, should I draw your bath?"

She stared blankly out toward the lake. "No, I've changed my mind. I'll take a bath later before I go to bed this evening. I took a look under this deck. You probably did too. I've got an idea, it's something I wanted to try for some time."

He sat quietly wondering what her plan was.

She walked into the cabin as he knelt on the deck. He heard her grab some toys, but he couldn't tell what. His anticipation grew as the cabin grew quiet.

Shortly after, she walked out of the cabin carrying a pillow sack filled with toys and a blindfold. She walked over to him and blindfolded him. She then placed a thick leather collar around his neck and attached a leash to the center D-ring.

She tugged on the leash, encouraging him to crawl behind her has she walked down the stairs. He followed as best he could, crawling directly behind her. With the blindfold, he wasn't sure where she was leading him.

She guided him under the deck directly below some very large beams with hooks. She dug into the pillow case and withdrew two heavy leather shackles thickly lined with fleece. She secured them around his wrists then dug out two similar shackles for his ankles and also secured them.

She raised his hands above his head and fastened them directly to the large eye bolts fastened in the beam. He was now stretched to his limit, on his toes straining. She then walked over and grabbed the block and tackle she noticed not too long ago. She moved it close to the other eyebolt in the beam.

She carefully and skillfully secured the chain from the block and tackle to his ankle cuffs. She stepped back and began to pull on the other side of the chain. He was shocked. He didn't realize what was happening at first.

As she pulled, his ankles were pulled upward and his knees slightly bent. Soon, his ankles were directly in front of him and began to pass his waist. He was hanging by his own weight from the beam. She continued to pull on the chain until his ankles were at the same height as his wrists. It almost looked as if he were hogtied. His knees were slightly bent and his ass stuck out toward Mistress. His flaccid penis and his balls were hanging and now vulnerable for his Mistress's attention.

He was hanging with his ass about 4 1/2 feet off the ground. Blindfolded, he couldn't tell. It was probably better that way. "Well slave, I'm thirsty, I'll be back in few minutes. I hope the mosquitoes don't bite." She laughed loudly and walked away.

As she walked into the cabin, the silence became deafening. He really hadn't known HOW quiet it was way out here. The blindfold made him more sensitive to the sounds around him. He heard the wind blow through the tops of the trees. He heard the birds sing and chase each other around the trees. He heard the squirrels chatter and rustle through the leaves.

He began to lose track of time. He shifted his weight to help relieve the tension in his arms and legs. As the time passed, he became all too aware of the fact that he was completely vulnerable. And, that's what Mistress had in mind. She wanted him to feel how humiliating it is to be left to the mercy of another and anyone who might walk by. He grinned knowing that out in the middle of the woods with no one within miles, he wouldn't have to worry about that.

His cock hardened from time to time as he thought about his predicament, but it dropped back to being flaccid not soon after as the breeze tickled the cheeks of his ass and his anus.

He probably hung there for 20 minutes, he wasn't sure. He heard some leaves rustle nearby. It sounded like footsteps. It was his Mistress sneaking up on him. He was so engrossed in his bondage he didn't hear her come out of the cabin. He felt something tighten around his balls. Quickly, he was able to tell that it was a parachute.

He heard the unmistakable sound of a click as weights were being added, then the sudden tug on his scrotum as they were dropped. His balls were now extended and his cock pulled down pointing toward the ground. She began to swing the weights, making the parachute pull at his balls and stretch them further.

Suddenly, he heard a SWISH through the air, CRACK. The upper part of his thigh seared in pain. CRACK, his other thigh began to scream. CRACK, now his ass began to burn. After several strokes, they stopped. From the feel of it, it wasn't a crop and it wasn't a cane. The areas struck were uneven. It was a switch cut from a sapling! All he could do now as think about the pain from that switch.

He felt something cold being applied to his ass. It felt sticky. He wasn't able to tell what it was, but he could tell that it was a thin layer. Within seconds, he felt a mosquito land on his ass. He began to wiggle. The weights began to sway and tug at his balls. He stopped wiggling to stop the weights. Then, he was bit. It was a long bite and he couldn't do anything about it. He heard her rummage though the pillow case looking for something. Then, his mouth was forced open and a gag was forced in and fastened around his head.

Another mosquito landed on his ass and began to bite through his ass looking for blood. He heard a giggle. He tilted his head. Something wasn't right. SMACK! Something landed on his ass where the first mosquito landed. SMACK! The other mosquito met the same fate. Then, he heard a chuckle as another mosquito landed. "I've always wanted to practice killing mosquitoes with flyswatters and paddles."

He began to protest. This wasn't his Mistress's voice! The gag in his mouth kept him silent. He began to struggle as the mystery woman swatted his ass killing another mosquito just as another landed. From the deck above, he heard his Mistress laugh as she walked toward the steps. Who was this woman? His mind raced with fear. Did his Mistress plan this? She continued to chuckle at the site of her slave as she walked close to the other woman.

Both women stood and looked at the pathetic slave, hanging from his wrists and ankles. "slave, meet Mistress 'X'. You'll serve her as you do me this weekend. You won't hesitate to serve her with the same devotion you give me."

His Mistress removed the weights attached to his parachute. He shifted his weight, testing his now free testicles. She removed the parachute and attached a strap to his cock. He heard a loud clink as she attached a chain to this strap. "Let's see how well we can stretch this little thing," she said as she attached a brick to the chain, pulling his cock downward. He groaned as his cock strained downward, pulling his erection against its rigid upward position.

Both ladies laughed as they looked at his ass, speckled with mosquito bites and dark red marks from Mistress X's earlier target practice. Mistress X picked up a crop and began to smack his thighs. He grimaced each time she moved closer to his balls, making sure to put a little more wrist into her strokes.

His Mistress began to flog his ass, making sure to curl the ends of the flogger in order to zap his scrotum with each stroke. He jumped at each stroke as it stung his ass and balls. The brick yanked at his contorted cock with each jump.

Mistress X put the flogger down. He heard what sounded like a box being opened. He couldn't tell. She lit a match, suddenly, he heard a loud his. He couldn't make it out. He began to feel his skin being poked with what felt like pins. They pricked his skin rapidly and he suddenly realized that she was holding a sparkler over his body. She let the hot sparkles fall and dance of his body, holding the sparkler about 2 feet away so she wouldn't burn him.

She moved the sparkler around his body, frequently stopping near his cock and balls. His Mistress grinned and chuckled as he began to jump in nervous excitement anytime a hot one landed in a sensitive area.

"Oh Darn," exclaimed Mistress X.

"What's wrong?" asked his Mistress.

"We're out of sparklers now. What can we do for fun and games now?"

His Mistress chuckled, "well, let's take him down, re-tie him up by his wrists, attach a spreader bar and play firecracker."



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