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Sweetness "Rides" Again

My name is Michael. And I write for women. Well, truly... I write for submissive women! I write for those who wish to be dominated by a strong, aggressive, "takes what he wants" confident, rugged dominant man. I write for those women who want to be possessed.

And I write my stories in the 1st person tense... that is... I am in the stories and you are the character... living the experiences described.

To be my sub, there are several rules you must adhere to:

1. You must wear blue nail polish as an expression of your submissive nature and your acceptance that to disobey any of these rules could mean your sweet ass might be spanked... red... raw!

2.In my presence you must always wear the shortest of skirts and the highest heels.

3.You are never to touch your pussy, (well actually once I accept you as my sub, it is truly My Pussy... to do with as I please, to tease and to please)... you are never to touch your pussy... never to please yourself at your own hands unless I give that permission. No my Sweetness... abstinence breeds exhilaration once I allow... and only I may please or allow you to please that sweet pussy that you carry for me.

But, as dom's go... I have a compassion side...

Now, in this story, you've broken one or more of those rules... see where it leads. You'll get the "ride" of your life.

Read on if you meet the description above... read on my Sweetness... you'll be ultimately pleased!

Now, read on... and no touching without asking permission!

You know I forbid it, but it has been days since we've been together, and the cravings overcome you.

You arise from bed and saunter to your bathroom. You've lain in bed for the past 2 hours this dark night, awake and fantasizing. Your pussy (My pussy that you merely carry for me, but that I own and possess), is wet and steaming. You've fantasized of it and your naughty little warm mouth filled with cock. You've thought only of your own pleasure for all that time, and the erotic thoughts have excited your frantic mind and body. You know you shouldn't touch but maybe you can justify it just once. You suspect I'm nowhere close, and so, "how would he know?"

You swiftly rip your nightgown off your shivering torso. Next, you peel off the panties you've been wearing all night... utterly soaked from your fantasizing juices! (Another indiscretion that I forbid). You now stand naked in front of your mirror. Striking! Stunning! Your nipples stand at full attention... and you cannot help but stroke and pinch first one and then the other. But you simply cannot wait. Patience is not a virtue of yours now, is it Sweetness? Obedience... not yet proven now, is it Sweetness? Worthy of being possessed, and pleasured? Time will tell.

You rush to your shower, and start the pulsating flow and wait till it warms; hot! Then you step in. It takes only seconds before you begin to soap up your body, your nipples first, then your thighs... you hesitate for a moment your hands mere inches from My pussy, but you can't wait can you Sweetness? No you want to touch isn't that so? You lack will-power.

You close your eyes and see you being fed my long thick cock from behind... feeling a growing pain... not really. It's more like a pleasure in your clit. There's no holding back now!

You drop the soap with a thud, spread your legs and begin to caress your outer pussy lips. You know it's wrong, but you can't wait any longer can you? Then a thin finger slips in, your middle finger for it is the longest. With your other hand, you run a finger over your virgin asshole... one hand in front; one in back... you stroke. You bend your knees and reach and raise up... onto your toes. You rise with the maddeningly good feeling your own fingers give you and the sight in your mind of you impaled and rockin', driving back at me with each trust, our bodies slapping, and you groaning.

Your orgasm wells up inside of you, from depths you've only dreamed of before... you see yourself again, groaning in your imagination; and suddenly you go off! Exploding in an orgasm that ripples over you on wave upon wave of pleasure... you open your eyes, only to realize that the moaning you thought was imaginary, was actually real and loud.

You pause for one moment listening and shut off the spray of water from the shower. Nothing. Only silence. You open the shower door and grab for the towel, only to realize it's not there!

You pull the door fully open to see...

... ME!

Standing, leaning arms crossed against the door, wearing only tight jeans; and rugged boots, but otherwise bare-chested. My abs ripple and my shoulders are square and strong. I hold the disobedience evidence of your panties in one hand and a set of your thigh high stockings in the other. Your cum-fuck-me heels and your submissive collar sit on the floor along with a kerchief you occasionally wear with your best "suits."

"Michael," you start, "it's not what you think."

I say nothing. I only reach and pull you from the shower... wet; soaking wet and still soapy; the cream from your orgasm flowing down your thigh and spreading the soap in a stream, you hang your head and step from the shower...

"What is it I think, Sweetness?" I say.

I point to the heels, and still dripping, you step into them, first your left and then your right foot. I hand you the collar and you pull it down over your head onto your long, sexy neck. You know the symbology... that you are a possession for my pleasure before yours! You know you've violated a sacred rule of submission. And you obey now!

"Turn around and give me your hands," I order. You do so.

"Michael... " you start again... and you feel a stinging slap ring across your sweet ass! Your pink flesh instantly sizzles and you gasp... the sensation carries on for minutes after.

You present your hands behind you, and I tie them tightly with one stocking.

From my pocket, I draw a short (12 inches) leash. I attach it to the clasp on your collar, then pull your head down and attach the other end to the towel rod. Now, you are bent over, your head down at near waist level and your hands tied behind your back! Then, I blindfold you with the kerchief.

Finally, I take the panties... the panties you wore to bed against my rules, and pull them down over your head and place the wettest edge into your mouth! You can't resist, tied as you are. Your juices seep out of the cloth, between your teeth and onto your tongue. Having tasted your juices on my cock before... what is it you think, feel and taste Sweetness?

"Michael" you try to mumble again through the panties, but I slap your sweet ass again. As you ass sizzles, and you moan one, long, low moan, I tug at the panties and tie them in a tied knot behind your head.

"Taste yourself, Sweetness!" I say... "taste yourself and realize that it could have been I you tasted. Let me ponder your punishment"... and then you hear the door open, me walk out and it close!

For hours you lean, bent over at the waist; tasting your juices; seeing only darkness and hearing only silence... naked; wearing only your fuck-slut heels and choker. Tasting your own juices, in the blind darkness that is your blind-folded eyes, and able to touch nothing. Your fingers flex, and then ball up into tight fists. Waiting; waiting; waiting... still waiting... longer, longer.

You lean your forehead against the wall and repeatedly shift your weight... waiting, waiting, waiting and wondering; when will he return! Will he return? Why should he return? How can you make this up to him? What will happen to you when I return! What would happen to you if I never returned? Who would find you? When? What would they think?

Even will all those thoughts on your mind, you savor the taste of your juices on your tongue and you want to taste both yours and mine intermingled on my rigid cock, but wonder if that opportunity will ever arise again now? Such a greedy little fuck slut you are... that thought, more than the questions finally wins the battle of your fears and desires.

Waiting, wondering... tasting; shifting from one heeled foot to the other... you wait. Hoping to be fucked, hoping to suck. Hoping to be tasted. Willing to be spanked! Eager to be drenched with cum! Anxious to be tortured and teased. Praying to be pummeled with long, thick, juicy cock... You wait!

Finally, I return. You immediately try mumbling again through the panties!

"Haven't learned yet, eh Sweetness?" I say as I approach.

I grab your tied wrists, denying you any form of control. Then, I merely sit back and gaze at the moist pink lips of My pussy. You squirm, and mumble still through the saturated panties. Although you cannot see, you assume my eyes are narrow and you picture me tilting my head, as if I am trying to look right into you. You shift your weight, suspecting, no. Knowing I am staring at you... taking me time, enjoying your predicament. You know there is a devious smile on my face that you cannot see. Not one of rainbows and butterflies... but of pure selfishness.

The pussy I stare at intently belongs only to me. I am going to eat it; I am going to toy with it and I intend to fuck it unmercilessly... just not when, nor as you might expect.

Then you feel it and you jump with a surprised start, then shudder! My index finger slowly traces along the entrance, teasing you, toying with you. The thought of it possibly sliding inside, then moving up and rubbing over you clit makes you weak, and your knees buckle. When they do, I slap your ass again!

You squeal through the panties, then groan a tortured low groan. Each slap has left you agonized greater than the last, and you want cock so bad, you'd do anything to be free...

Then you feel it start again... gently, oh so fucking gently... so light and so teasingly slow. You moan from deep in your throat and bend your knees again, not having learned. You shake out your ass and press it in my direction...

"mmdghhhmmmm," you mumble.

The circles become quicker. Your breathing heavier. Will it happen this time? I stop, and remove your blindfold, and you see the intense look in my eyes that tells you silently, "no Sweetness, don't you dare cum. Not yet... "

I'm only indulging myself at this point. I want to see how much your body can take... how your body and mind are going to react to the soothing gentle sensations that seep into them through your new slickly shaved, smooth pussy contrasted by the firey, sizzling pain sensations in your sweet virgin ass flesh! Can you control the feelings that are surging through your body?

Again, I begin to caress your wet lips, and stroke your clit. Your juices flow down your legs, and you close your eyes, and tilt your head way back! You bite down hard on the panties, clenching your teeth, and tasting those remaining juices on the panties between your teeth. Eyes clenched and becoming deliriously tortured by the sensations on your manipulated slit and your wet engorged lips, your mind wanders, and you see a vision... a vision of you dressed in a seething, sexy, skin tight tube dress and 6-inch heels, and dancing, shimmying erotically for my pleasure as I sit in a chair, naked, and slowly stroke my long, thick cock. You see yourself (in your imagination), fall to your knees before me, open your mouth, run your tongue across your lips and wait obediently... wait for permission to touch and suck. All the while, hoping you'll be forced to your face and fucked mercilessly from behind.

Your mind flows back to the present, you feel your warm juices, flowing down your thigh in a massive, musky river, and your clit being rubbed very roughly now... from the sensations in your crotch, you see stars in your head.

... don't you cum my little slut... " you hear me say!

You shake your head no... fast, hard, no, no... oh no, your head signals your obedience... but can you, can your mind and body really deny you the impending release you want so badly! No! Your body begins to betray you... you feel an orgasm welling up and you curl your toes and strain to hold out.

I watch your pussy lips start to quiver, and take a taste. That sets you nearly off and you groan one, loud, but muffled near-orgasmic moan.

"Not yet... " I whisper and release your clit from your fingers. You can only whimper feebly as you look back at me with pleading eyes. With the panties still in your mouth, your wrists tied, and your neck lashed to the towel rack, you feel the most submissively helpless, but most sexually anxious you've ever felt in your life! You bite down hard on the panties to prevent yourself from cumming... will it work?

You don't want me to stop, but fear I might. And you feel so helpless... "if only he'd untie me," you think. "I'd show him... I'd perform... " you say to yourself.

You begin to mumble protests through the panty gag, then to silently plead through your sexy emerald eyes that ask for another touch... any touch. You wiggle your ass... hoping to catch my eye. Hoping to signal me of what you want. You mumble desperately, loud and fast.

You wish I'd stuff your cunt with your vibrator and your ass with my cock, and wish you could get the panties out of your mouth, because if you cold, you'd scream out that request. Never, ever have you felt so sexually bold!

You mumble through the panties again.

But I place a single finger on my lips to hush you. With my other hand I begin again... a finger circling, a thumb rubbing... now feverishly fast, without mercy. It takes less than a minute for those urges to rise again. Your eyes search for a sign, a look, something that will show me that this... this will be the time I give my permission It almost hurts you want to cum so bad! You try to cross your legs to hold out. When you do it gets you another viciously swift and hot slap to your ass...

... so fucking pink now Sweetness!

And then, as you squeal, and shiver... not knowing whether it would be better to spread your legs for easy access and your pleasure, or cross them and press your cunt to help prevent yourself from cumming and prevent the pain... not able to touch and exposed to the maximum... aroused to a point where you'd fuck the doorknob if only I'd let you...


I untie your hands. I leave you attached to the towel rack at the leash from the collar. You dare not unfasten it, so you stay in position.

Then I sit on the sink counter and speak.

"Naughty little fuck toy. No self restraint! So disobedient. So greedy. Ah well, you'll just have to wait. When I take that leash from the towel rack, I'm going to drag you to the bed. When we get there, you are to perform for me. You are to fill your pussy with your own fingers as I watch. But Sweetness... you may not cum. Do you understand!"

You nod "YES, YES, YES!" forcefully shaking your head "YES!"

Then I remove the panties from your mouth, leaving them hanging around your neck. Next, I release your connection to the towel rack and drag you to the bed. No, not really for you hurriedly scamper to it... eagerly willing to please now... you actually pass me and scurry to the bed. Eager to make it up to me... or so you think at first. But more eager to be pleasured yourself.

When we reach the bed, you pause to take in the atmosphere. The bedroom is dimply lit. Wearing only your heels and the black choker and still wearing the panties symbolically submissive around your neck as well, you look at your sultry reflection in the mirrors that surround your four-post bed and goose bumps cover your flesh as you see yourself... so wantonly eager for sex, so eager to be ravaged! So helpless! So submissive.

I throw you, face down onto the bed, and then turn and sit in a big plush comfortable chair near the door to the hallway.

"Perform," I order! "Toy with My Pussy. That's what you wanted, isn't it! Show me how naughty you are, show me what a little fuck toy you are!"

You hesitate. Then, slowly, clumsily, your hands start to clumsily caress your soft, yearning, naked flesh. You imagine us making wild passionate sex on that beautiful bed. Then, you hesitate again... a vision seeps into your mind. Unconsciously, you roll onto your back and melt into the soothing plush, warm, fuzzy comforter. The dim candle light reflects off the silver tips of your stilettos and the slick, gleaming silk of the choker you wear that signify my possession of you. Your aroused mind imagines a knock at your door at three in the morning. And in this fantasy you are conjuring up, it would be me! You can only make out my silhouette in the dim light. You know I'm still clothed from the waist down and you hope to make me want to strip naked and roughly fuck you.

Sultry, sexy, seductive, you lie naked and prepare your sex-craved mind to sooth your pleasure seeking body. You take a deep breath. You hesitate. You pause. You take another deep breath. Then, you start!

Your long, lithe fingers slowly slip along the smooth lines of your body and up to your heaving chest. You hesitate again momentarily. Should you? Do you dare? Temporary embarrassment overcomes you for a moment. You've never masturbated in front of another before. But then again, there are many things you've never done before that I've demanded, and each and every one ultimately thrilled you. "Trust," you hear yourself say... and you decide right then. You will perform! Oh, Yes. You will perform.

So you continue. You gently begin to swirl each nipple between a thumb and fore-finger. The sensation feels so good that you cannot help but part your mouth and run your wet tongue over your soft lips. You look for me again in the dark corner, and can't see me. You are not certain I am there anymore...

So you decide to fantasize again, in order to arouse the urges that you hope will lead you to please me with your naughty cock craving act so that I will please you. You've learned to fantasize and use it to arouse you. You close your eyes and you envision my long, thick cock placed roughly at your mouth, and instinctively you open your mouth and imagine it invading your throat and sense the salty, manly taste arousing your senses. If only it were real. This moment! In your mind's eye you see it... you want it... and know that you shall have it... between you lips and between your legs if only in this fantasy you have aroused.

One hand slides to your pussy, (My pussy for you have relinquished it to my desires as my possession in reality and in your imagination). You spread your legs and lift your ass off the bed to meet your delicate touch. You hesitate for one brief moment, for you feel a maddening sense of guilt. You finally justify it by convincing yourself that the long abstinence has made you too weak to endure the agony any longer!

"Feed those greedy fingers into that needy cunt," you hear me say!

Your long, lean, high-heeled legs squirm until the heels dig into the comforter and you strain, raising that sweet edible ass high to meet your probing hand and long, sexy fingers. Briefly you open one eye, even as you continue to begin your own sweet pleasure through the electrifying caresses. You still cannot find me in the darkness of your room. You hope your wet cunt, is pointed in my direction, for you want to... you want to please me with all your heart and soul. But really, what you hope... you hope I'll ultimately fill it with my tongue and cock! You start to slowly run your lithe fingers over your rigid clit and through the wet folds of your drenched lips.

"Such a naughty little fuck-toy! Don't you cum!" you hear me again. "Spread those legs and fill My pussy!"

And Oh Yes, you do! As you do, you can't help but dimly see the room in the mirror in your view. The room is lit by one tiny tea-light candle on a dresser across from the mirror. The door to your bedroom is slightly ajar, but the window shade is drawn. Outside, the night is dark and moonless... pitch dark. So dark that were it not for the tiny candle, you'd not be able to see your hand in front of your face. And you see yourself, naughty, greedy, performing your wanton act.



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